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Special Reports

.NET 3.0
Windows Vista heralds a new generation of .NET development, with new user interfaces, building services and workflow capabilities. This Special Report looks at tools and strategies under the .NET 3.0 umbrella that can help simplify your application development.

The Role of Eclipse in Enterprise Development
This Special Report details Eclipse's approach to development and demonstrates how it is being implemented in different areas. It incorporates reporting from the recent EclipseCon 2007 conference, as well as exclusive interviews with Eclipse Foundation executives.

Web Services and Enterprise Architecture
This Special Report investigates the concepts behind enterprise architecture. Learn how you can use Web services to create an SOA that provides the flexibility and rapid response needed in today's changing business environments.

Best Practices in Modeling and Patterns
This FTPOnline special report looks at utilizing modeling techniques, such as the Universal Modeling Language (UML) and Business Process Modeling (BPM), to define application development methodology. It also examines the role of design and implementation patterns in delivering a new breed of applications.

Testing and Application Quality
This FTPOnline Special Report explores the growing challenges of building and deploying high quality applications. The complexity of the platforms, the proliferation of libraries and frameworks, and the distributed nature of applications all contribute to bugs and performance issues. Ensure that your end users can reliably use applications to accomplish their business activities. Discover new approaches and technologies that make quality within your reach.

Windows Vista
Windows Vista is Microsoft's first all-new client operating system in over five years. Early next year, almost all new desktop and notebook computers will ship with one of the six versions of this operating system. Read why Windows Vista is about to change the computing landscape for enterprises and individual users.

The Enterprise Service Bus
Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) have made significant inroads with enterprises seeking to establish a service-oriented architecture (SOA). ESB technology enables the orchestration and management of Web services and other application components, and includes features for security, reliability, and message integrity. But what is next for ESBs? This FTPOnline Special Report looks at the current state of ESB technology, alternatives that are available for those who do not need an ESB, and what the future holds.

Web 2.0
Developers pursuing Web apps that involve fast interactions, user participation, and new approaches to working with data are looking at Web 2.0 technologies. Check out this Special Report to get details on these technologies and a roadmap for adopting the techniques needed to build Web-based apps.

Visual Studio 2005 Team System
This Special Report shows how you can use VSTS and its Team Foundation Server to better manage application delivery and maintenance, as well as improve realtime communication across the enterprise.

Application Lifecycle Management
It's no longer enough simply to get an application into production. This Special Report shows you best practices for designing, building, testing, deploying, and managing your applications.

State of the Java Art
The future is bright for the Java technology community, and these advances are paving the way for more avenues of innovation. Check out this Special Report on the state of Java, including coverage from this year's JavaOne conference.

SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server has come a long way since the release of version 1.0 in 1989. This Special Report delves into SQL Server 2005's new offerings, including business intelligence features, management tools, Visual Studio integration, and more.

Mobile Java Development
As the mobile industry evolves, technologies are helping developers realize full wireless functionality in their applications. Check out the past year's significant advancements in platforms and tools that support mobile Java development.

SOA Knowledge Center
A service-oriented architecture can allow your enterprise to react quickly to changes in the competitive environment. This special report provides practical information about how to implement a service-oriented architecture.
SOA Offers Competitive Advantages
How SOA Benefits Developers
Planning the Transition to SOA

Code Quality
Quality control is key to shipping successful applications. This Special Report offers practical information that will help you test your apps for performance, quality, and security.
Stress Test Web Forms and Services with ACT
Whitepaper: .NET Interop and Performance Analysis

How to Explain SOA to Your CIO
How can you begin to familiarize yourself with SOA and plan your potential implementation? This Special Report gives you an overview of the strategic ideas and business benefits behind SOA and connected systems.
What You Want Your CIO to Know
The Connected Business: The Microsoft Approach to SOA

Exchange Server setup and maintenance is tricky business. This collection of our latest Exchange-related articles provides you with tips and techniques for easing Exchange implementation and management. Check back periodically for more articles.
Debugging Distribution Lists
What to Do When RUS Fails
The Best Way to Set Up RBL in Exchange 2003

You'll find analysis of the state of the J2EE market, lessons for improving the design and implementation of your J2EE apps, an overview of standards and technologies for J2EE-.NET interoperability, and more to help you better plan and manage your J2EE infrastructure.
Expansion of the J2EE Universe
6 Best Practices for J2EE Architecture
Create a Quality Testing Program

Operations Management
The changing nature of enterprise applications has created new challenges in operations management. Learn to manage your applications more effectively and efficiently with these tutorials, Q&As, and vendor profiles.
The New Frontier of Operations Management
Improve Application Management with JMX
Web Services for Interoperable Management

Lifecycle Management
By managing the entire lifecycle instead of just the development portion, organizations can gain more control of application development or software implementation projects—and consequently reduce costs. This special report presents lifecycle management phases, requirements, and design tips.
An Application Lifecycle in 8 Phases
Life Begins at Requirements
Design for Success

Testing and Performance
Testing and optimizing can pay major dividends in the development department. Strategize your testing with these market overviews, case studies, and tips.
Why Security and Outsourcing Are Key Trends
Use Your ESP to Test Software Packages
Tips for Integrating Optimization

Storage and Disaster Recovery
Learn about storage trends and technologies that will help your organization face the information explosion and plan for disaster recovery.
A Better Outlook for Information Management
Plan, Backup, Test, Repeat
Storage Methods Prepare You for the Worst

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