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The Year of the Build
Dev teams often respond haphazardly, piecing together solutions from scripts and spare parts. Explore today's choices for build management to find a solution that best meets the needs of your dev environment and existing tool chain. [Read More]

 Hot Topics

Matching by Exception
If you create data-oriented apps, then you almost always need to locate records that match a given set of criteria. Learn how to produce more flexible, data-driven solutions with the match-by-exception design pattern. [Read More]

Apply the Web to Your Data
Techniques for development of Web apps can be used for all types of apps. Learn how to abstract resources from physical locations by applying the REST design pattern. [Read More]

Eclipse ALF Automates the Life Cycle
No single ALM vendor has the best solution for all disciplines. See how Eclipse's Application Lifecycle Framework (ALF), as a new concept in vendor cooperation, provides a unique level of repeatability and transparency. [Read More]

Java's RIA Option for Robust Web Apps
Do you want the responsiveness of Ajax, but with more solid technologies? Consider Java Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), and understand the advantages of developing with these solutions. [Read More]

Putting Ajax in Perspective
Check out what industry experts had to say during the panel discussion at FTP's Virtual Tradeshow on Ajax. Participants spoke candidly about topics ranging from app trends that promote the Ajax design approach to the impact of Ajax technologies on search engine optimization. [Read More]


Bringing Back Turbo
In the 1990s, Borland's Turbo development kits meant fast, low-cost, high-quality software development. Today, Borland brings back Turbo with its announcement of four new products: Turbo C++, Turbo Delphi, Turbo Delphi for .NET, and Turbo C#. [Read More]

Data Dude and VS Team Development
Database developers and database administrators have always been second-class citizens in the Microsoft world. Discover how Data Dude changes all that. [Read More]

An Icon in Transition
Borland plans to focus on application life-cycle management (ALM) solutions for the enterprise and divest itself of traditional development tools. [Read More]


Deploy Supporting Files During Your VSTS Unit Tests
It can be complicated to move configuration files in a post-build event with Visual Studio 2005 Team System. You can make things easier with one of two options. [Read More]

Mastering Portal Management
How can you support and manage a Web app once it's deployed and no longer controlled by you directly? This chapter from ASP.Net 2.0 Web Parts in Action demonstrates various methods to help you keep an eye on your code. [Read More]

Understand Eclipse RCP Concepts
Get an introduction to essential Eclipse concepts and mechanisms, and ground them in technical detail. This chapter from Eclipse Rich Client Platform shows you how the Eclipse platform works, both physically and conceptually. [Read More]

Dissecting the .NET Framework
Need to brush up on your Visual Basic skills? In this chapter from Start-to-Finish Visual Basic, learn about the origins of .NET, the .NET object, different framework components, and Visual Studio 2005, and complete an example .NET project. [Read More]

Implement the Spring Web MVC Framework
In this chapter from Agile Java Development With Spring, Hibernate, and Eclipse, learn the benefits Spring MVC and the Spring Web MVC Framework, and build three Time Expression screens using Spring MVC. [Read More]

Get to Know the SQL CLR Feature Set
Today's database app developers must simultaneously learn how SQL Server 2005's SQL CLR features work and develop a judicious sense of when to use T-SQL instead of the SQL CLR feature set. This chapter from Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2005 helps you use SQL CLR features and apply them appropriately. [Read More]

Get Started with XMLHttpRequest Object
This chapter from Understanding Ajax introduces the XMLHttpRequest object, demonstrating how to troubleshoot implementation differences between browsers, create example page requests, and more. [Read More]

 Partner Sites

Development Solutions for Results-Driven Teams
Business responsiveness, time-to marketing, and IT flexibility stem from informed decisions based on current data. Discover how you can address your business challenges through IBM's platform for governing software and systems development. [Read More]

The Enterprise Service Bus
This Special Report looks at the current state of ESB technology, alternatives that are available for those who do not need an ESB, and what the future holds. [Read More]

Effective Software Delivery
Discover the benefits of being connected directly with the user and how electronically delivering your latest applications, updates, and patches to the customers' system increases their satisfaction and reduces your support costs. [Read More]

 Special Reports

Web Services and Enterprise Architecture
Discover the concepts behind enterprise architecture. Use Web services to create an SOA that provides the flexibility and rapid response needed in today's changing business environments. [Read More]

Enterprise Service Bus
Take a look at the current state of the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), alternative solutions for those who do not need an ESB, and what the future holds for the technology. [Read More]

Web 2.0
Discover the technologies behind the Web 2.0 phenomenon so you can design and develop new, exciting Web-based applications. [Read More]

Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System (VSTS), an integrated software dev platform to help your team build mission-critical apps, delivers new role-based tools for everyone involved in your dev processes. [Read More]

Application Lifecycle Management
This FTPOnline Special Report shows you best practices for designing, building, testing, deploying, and managing your applications. [Read More]

State of the Java Art
The future is bright for the Java technology community, and these advances are paving the way for more avenues of innovation. Check out this Special Report on the state of Java, including coverage from this year's JavaOne conference. [Read More]

SQL Server
Learn about Microsoft SQL Server 2005's new offerings, including business intelligence features, management tools, advanced data and text mining, and more. [Read More]

Mobile Java Development
The last year has seen significant advancements in platforms and tools that support mobile Java development. Get in-depth details from this FTPOnline Special Report. [Read More]


More Stories from the Field on Code Optimization
To emphasize the performance benefits of running less code in your apps, James Farley shares some of his professional experiences, stories where companies eliminated unnecessary libraries and reduced calls to a method. [Read More]

What Goes Around, Comes Around
Continuing with his theme of static code analysis, David Falkenstein provides strategies for applying lessons learned during the dev process to your analysis—such as incorporating new rules into your system. [Read More]

Questioning Universal Connectivity
Peter Varhol Is the illusive nature of wireless Internet access wearing on your patience? You are not alone. Peter Varhol examines the likelihood of receiving free, universal connectivity in the future. [Read More]


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