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Maximize Service Reuse
Explore how you can maximize adoption and reuse of services in your service-oriented architecture. [Read More]
Code Reuse in the Enterprise
5 Asset Reuse Best Practices For SOAs
Business Process Modeling

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Table of Contents

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 Featured Articles

Scaling Over Time: The Version Problem
What challenges do you face when managing a system's changes? Alex Krapf discusses the problems surrounding "scaling over time" and provides some practical solutions for the version control dilemma. [Read More]

Combat Increasing IT Complexity
Conquer issues associated with IT complexity and achieve success with your architecture initiatives by creating the appropriate mix of people, process, and technology. [Read More]

Incremental Architecture: Principles for the Real World
Take a closer look at the effectiveness of your enterprise architecture. Chad Riland and Josh Paterson reveal an incremental approach that aligns projects with strategic goals. [Read More]

If SOA Looks Hard, You're Looking at it Wrong
The word "service" often heralds fear and loathing. No more. John Sadd provides a new and easy approach to deconstructing SOAs, ensuring that they truly serve you. [Read More]

Down With Downtime
By implementing automated business application processing as part of your core IT framework, you can achieve true "straight-through processing" and realize significant increases in efficiency and productivity. [Read More]

Governance: The Elephant in the Room
Is your enterprise architecture an effective management discipline? Mike Dunham explains how governance is essential to successful management. [Read More]

 Product Focus

RimApp Releases Security Firewall
RimApp Technologies releases an intelligent network security appliance, Parasoft enhances its unit-testing tool, Cape Clear upgrades ESB, and more. [Read More]


Moving Beyond SOA to the Web
FTP President Jim Fawcette discusses the increasing importance of Web design in the world of software architecture. [Read More]

EA on the Baseline
Our recent Chief Architect survey was provided to help us define the chief architect's role. See what its results reveal about the current state of architecture in enterprises. [Read More]

 Working Model

5 Web Service Architecture Tenets
Jeff Schneider and Frank Martinez provide guidelines to ensure that you build successful Web service architectures. [Read More]

Reliable Messaging in a Services Network
Intermediation-based, networking-centric approaches enable your SOA to work seamlessly in support of the most sophisticated enterprise applications. [Read More]

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