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Fall 2005, Vol. 3, No. 3

Manage Risk Effectively and Proactively
by Dr. Bill Curtis
Market dynamics are forcing a different approach to risk management. Learn how you can devise a proactive way to handle IT risk.

Blueprinting Your Database Landscape
by Steven Berringer
Crafting a map of your database servers can help you build better systems, from increased security to solid disaster-recovery plans. Take these steps to get your server network in order.

Harness an SOA/Web Services Strategy
by John Deeb and Dave Berry
SOA will improve technology investment ROI only if each business unit has a stake in the process. Discover how to protect this investment by adopting procedures incrementally.

Ensure Post-Migration Exchange Stability
by Sekou Page
Migrating to Exchange 2003 can produce IT instability. Learn how to develop a migration strategy that will help your organization execute a smooth transition.

5 Web Service Architecture Tenets
by Jeff Schneider and Frank Martinez
From using loosely coupled procedures to leveraging resource virtualization, follow these basic guidelines to ensure you build successful Web service architectures.

Bridge the CIO/CEO Communication Gap
by Marc Sewell
Communication is key to developing sturdy enterprise architectures. Learn how to use the Simon Business Architecture to illustrate project goals clearly to every team member.

SOA Insights
The Importance of Mediation in a Services Network
by Frank Martinez
As an SOA matures and expands, incompatibilities inevitably will emerge that must be managed to achieve your goals. Learn to stifle these incompatibilities by using the services network and dispelling the "Utopian SOA Myth."

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