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Winter 2004, Vol. 2, No. 4

Get Value From Rich Clients
by David S. Linthicum
Rich clients let you view remote apps that look and act like native client programs. Take advantage of rich clients to increase the value of your Web services and SOAs.

Align Your IT Initiatives With FEA Reference Models
by Brent Carlson
The Federal Enterprise Architecture initiative aims to establish a reference structure for your IT organization's existing apps and new business-process projects. See how this framework can guide you.

Build Your Business Apps With BPEL
by Avi Borthakur and David Shaffer
BPEL provides a standard, portable language for business application development based on a set of multiple interacting services. Learn about the key lifecycle stages and associated tools for effective BPEL development.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Through EA
by Vineet S. Rajput
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is aimed at improving corporate governance and accountability. See how enterprise architecture documentation can play a major role in helping you achieve SOX compliance.

Data Considerations for SOAs
by Chris Keene
By designing a shared data layer into an SOA, companies can avoid potential integrity, performance, scalability, and availability issues. Implement shared data services to deliver on SOA promises.

EA Realist
Architect Your IT Portfolio
by Jeff Tash
A shared vision between IT and businesspeople can increase communication and reduce costs.

SOA Insights
Use a Services-Network Approach
by Frank Martinez
Scale your SOA globally while avoiding the unmanageable complexity caused by today's proliferation of Web services.

EA Professional
Hidden SOA Challenges
by Paul S. Clarke
Along with the compelling benefits of Web services and SOAs come significant coordination challenges, and you need a systematic architecture process to address them.

Provide a Common Frame of Reference
by Jeff Tash
The job of technology architecture is to help people better organize, visualize, and communicate about technology.

The Ups and Downs of Enterprise Architecture
by Jeff Tash
Interest in enterprise architecture comes in waves. When enterprises invest in IT, they invest in enterprise architects.

A Common Framework for IT and Business
by Jeff Tash
IT and businesspeople must share a rich and expressive cognitive model so that they can engage in effective and meaningful communication about IT matters.

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