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Handle Those Web Services
When it comes to providing layered Web services, J2EE's interceptor method can fall short. See how to write and configure generic handlers for a JAX-RPC client and server. [Read More]
Grasping Handlers
Handle Your JAX

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DB2 Database Resources From developerWorks
IBM developerWorks offers you in-depth resources on DB2 Universal Database (UDB) V8.1.

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February/March 2003 issue's
Table of Contents

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December 2002/
January 2003 issue's
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Download all the code for the February/March 2003 issue. [Download]

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FTPOnline Blog
Join in as FTP editors, publishers, and partners sound off on issues that strike a chord with the IT and development communities. [Read More]
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Special Report: Service-Oriented Architecture
Get practical information about how to help your enterprise gain a competitve advantage by implementing a service-oriented architecture. [Read More]

Special Report: Operations Management
The changing nature of enterprise applications has created new challenges in operations management. Learn to manage your applications more effectively and efficiently. [Read More]

Web Services for Interoperable Management
See how you can take advantage of Web services' interoperability to manage J2EE and .NET environments. [Read More]

169 Web Services Articles
Read our articles about building, securing, testing, and scaling Web services. [Read More]


Free Chapter: XLink
Download a free chapter about the XML Linking Language from XPath, XLink, XPointer, and XML: A Practical Guide to Web Hyperlinking and Transclusion. [Read More]

Free Book Chapter: XForms
Get an overview of XForms in this chapter from XForms: XML Powered Web Forms. [Read More]

Free Book Chapter: SQLXML
Download a sample chapter about SQLXML from The Guru's Guide to SQL Server Architecture and Internals. [Read More]

Free Book Chapter: System.Xml 2.0
A First Look at ADO.NET and System.Xml v. 2.0 shows you the growing importance of XML in the next version of the .NET Framework. [Read More]

Search the Book List
Browse or search FTPOnline's list of 700+ IT and developer books, read reviews, and download sample chapters. [Read More]

Get Discounts on Books
FTPOnline and Barnes & Noble.com have joined forces to bring you the best IT and development books at a savings of up to 20%. Visit the FTPOnline Bookstore. [Read More]


Get answers to your pressing questions from jGuru, FTPOnline's new partner.

Store XML
Learn to parse an incoming XML packet and then store the data in a data structure. [Read More]

Extending an XML File
Find out if one XML file can extend another. [Read More]

Edit XML Nodes in JSP
How can you change and save XML node information? [Read More]

 Online Exclusives

Data Access and XML From 2- to N-Tier
Whidbey helps you perform data access tasks in fewer steps and fewer lines of code. Watch the video from this VSLive! session. [Read More]

Mapping HTML to XML
Easily map form elements to XML nodes using XPath, HashMap, and dom4J. [Read More]

Build ASP.NET Web Apps with Whidbey
Whidbey provides an array of features that enable rapid construction of dynamic Web applications. Watch the video from this VSLive! session. [Read More]

Create Distributed Applications a New Way
Learn how Visual Studio Distributed Architecture Designer (Whitehorse) technology uses an extensible XML schema, SDM, to help you build distributed applications. [Read More]

 Product Focus

Transform XML Visually
Visual XSLT 2.0 integrates seamlessly into the VS.NET IDE to provide a powerful environment for developing XML transformations and XPath queries. [Read More]

Integrate xmlspy 2004 Into VS.NET
Integrate Altova's latest release of xmlspy 2004 into your existing Visual Studio .NET projects. [Read More]
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