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SOA Knowledge Center
A service-oriented architecture (SOA) can allow your enterprise to react quickly to changes in the competitive environment. This FTPOnline Special Report gives you practical information to help your enterprise implement SOA quickly and effectively. We'll be adding new content periodically, so be sure to check back often.

Ensuring Business Agility With SOA
Sonic Software's Gordon Van Huizen examines two new pillars of software architecture, the enterprise service bus (ESB) and event stream processing (ESP), and how you can leverage them to build the next generation of IT infrastructure.

Get Acquainted With SOA and Indigo
Learn about the core principles behind Windows Communication Foundation's service orientation (SO), so you can better understand and create service-oriented applications with Indigo.

ESB vs. BizTalk Debate Heats Up in Barcelona
At his Enterprise Architect Summit Barcelona session, conference speaker Dave Chappell got into a heated debate with a couple Microsoft guys over core architectural fundamentals.

How SOA Can Benefit From Active EA Models
Learn how ontology-based EA models enable SOA implementations by providing an active registry of business capabilities.

Stories From the Field: Adoptions of SOA and Web Services
Chris Haddad reviews the decisions made by your peers when prioritizing architecture components, adopting specification standards, and selling SOA to business managers.

Developing a Web Services Security Strategy
Develop an effective Web service security strategy. Chris Haddad provides practical information about security risks, product solutions, and implementation.

Integrate SOA Portals With WSE
Use the ASP.NET 2.0 Web Parts framework and Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0 to create a successful service-oriented architecture portal.

The Importance of Mediation in a Services Network
As an SOA matures and expands, incompatibilities inevitably emerge. They must be managed to achieve your goals.

5 Web Service Architecture Tenets
Use these guidelines to ensure you build successful Web service architectures.

12 Steps Toward SOA
Emerging patterns might help you understand how to implement SOA.

And check out these resources from Sonic Software:

Whitepaper: Distributed Service-Oriented Architectures
Distributed service-oriented architectures allow system architects to create a distributed environment in which applications can interoperate seamlessly. This paper discusses the advantages of building distributed service-oriented architectures and identifies components for successful deployment and management of distributed processes, including Web services.

Whitepaper: Massive Scalability
OSS developers have moved away from monolithic, telecommunications-specific architectures and embraced off-the-shelf multitier architectures and distributed-object middleware. Initiatives such as the OSS through Java Initiative (OSS/J) promote the adoption of a component-based approach to developing OSS solutions. This paper demonstrates OSS/J deployment strategies and patterns that accommodate performance or scalability shortfalls.

Whitepaper: Raising EAI Standards
This paper considers the changing dynamics of the EAI market and how these dynamics are likely to play out, focusing particularly on one aspect that could prove a real paradigm shift—the emergence of standards. The conclusion should be encouraging to any company looking to invest in EAI as a means to deliver improved business integration.

Webcast: How to Manage Enterprise-Scale SOA Deployments
In the fast-changing world of SOA, definitions are beginning to blur at a time when clarity is ever more critical. This Webcast will clarify the roles of ESBs and SOA management tools in operating reliable enterprise-scale SOA deployments.

Webcast: The Shortest Path to Enterprise SOA
For years, the rate of business change has outstripped IT's capacity to manage it. New technologies, changing regulations and continual M&A activity have stretched IT architectures to the breaking point. This Webcast shows you that what is needed now is a new approach, one which supports pervasive interoperability—not just invasive integration.

Webcast — SOA: First Principles
Why is SOA important now? Sign up for this Webcast to learn about advances in service-oriented architecture that make it a practical approach for integrating IT systems.
Click here for more information.

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