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Richer Interfaces With Ajax
Discover how adding JavaServer Faces can reduce the complexity of JavaScript coding dramatically. [Read More]
The Year of Ajax
Implement a Graphical JSF Component

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 Featured Articles

Putting Open Source to Work

Open source is one of the keys to Java's success. See how to evaluate and use open source code to benefit your organization.

[Read More]

Build Web Apps Quickly With JSTL
Despite the popularity of scripting languages, try building your Web applications using the JavaServer Standard Tag Library (JSTL), a superset of JavaServer Pages. It offers benefits you won't get from PHP. [Read More]

The Quest for a Single Implementation
Has a single implementation for numerous instances proved to be elusive? See why it pays to take a generic, rather than a specific, approach when building custom tools. [Read More]

Fast or Good?
Advanced tools make faster software development integral to computer science curricula, but are future coders getting a good foundation? Take a look at both sides of this question. [Read More]

Jini At Your Service
Jini offers a striking framework for building SOAs. That's right, SOAs. Discover how Jini's features offer an alternative for building apps to solve distributed networking issues. [Read More]

 Special Reports

Mobile Java Development
The last year has seen significant advancements in platforms and tools that support mobile Java development. Get in-depth details from this FTPOnline Special Report. [Read More]

 Editor's Note

Units of Measure
Terry O'Donnell This year's EclipseCon conference in Santa Clara boasted 130 members, 630 committers, and 61 projects, says Java Pro Editor Terry O'Donnell. He also notes some interesting developments at Sun Microsystems over the past year. [Read More]


Java's Innovation Engine
Do standards put the kibosh on innovation? See what Eclipse's Mike Milinkovich has to say about them, and how innovation by consensus can stifle the creativity of open source projects. [Read More]

 Product Focus

Developer-Friendly Transparency
Sun is reaping the benefits of its new policy that opens up its development to feedback from outside developers. Also, check out product announcements from EclipseCon 2006. [Read More]


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