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Douglas Edwards
Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, Handmark Inc.
Lee Epting
Vice President, Forum Nokia
Michael Yuan
Author, "Get Creative on the Java ME Platform"
Mobile Java Development
Developing mobile apps for handheld devices can prove much more complex than developing for the PC. As the mobile industry evolves, some platforms, tools, and languages are establishing a foothold to give developers more standardized alternatives for realizing full wireless functionality in their applications, and there have been significant advancements during the last year. [Read More]


Get Creative on the Java ME Platform
The Java ME platform (formerly, J2ME) is six years old. Is it the right platform for your next mobile development project? Take a look at the state of Java ME and its CLDC/MIDP stack.

Mobility in the Enterprise
CTIA Wireless 2006 allowed Forum Nokia Pro members to share ideas. FTPOnline invited selected Pro members to a roundtable to share perspectives on enterprise mobile technologies.

Evolving the Symbian OS
As Symbian OS-based phones appear in the midrange market, mobile developers can take advantage of enhancements and innovations in Symbian OS version 9. Take a look at what's new.

Charting a Steady Course for Forum Nokia
FTPOnline met with Lee Epting, vice president of Forum Nokia, at the recent CTIA Conference in Las Vegas, where she provided an update on Forum Nokia's efforts to grow the mobile development community.

Efficient MIDP for Symbian-Based Devices
Developing Java apps for mobile devices presents different execution environment challenges from the ones desktops face. Discover best practices for efficient MIDP development on Symbian devices.

Advancing Java for Series 40 Devices
For mobile app developers, Nokia's high-volume Series 40 platform offers a wealth of opportunities for Java development. See how the latest edition's APIs are evolving the platform.

An Object Database for Quartz
The UIQ platform supports PersonalJava and MIDP. Discover how to reverse-engineer and modify an address book application to take advantage of a powerful object database library.

Migrate Mobile Client Applications
Nokia's S60 3rd Edition enables you to benefit from the Symbian OS security architecture. See how to port your client apps that were originally built for the platform's previous editions.

Mobile Java Resources
Check out these publications, tools, SDKs, and community sites for additional information about mobile development.

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