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Vol. 10, No. 1

The AJAX Approach to Richer Interfaces
by Chris Schalk
AJAX is not a new technology, but it does offer a very rich, end-user experience even though it relies on advanced JavaScript coding. However, add JavaServer Faces into the mix, and you can reduce the complexity dramatically. Discover how to take an AJAX-based approach to make a Web client issue requests asynchronously to the server without requiring continuous page refreshes for each transaction.

Putting Open Source to Work
by Peter Varhol
Open source software is arguably among several critical reasons for the strategic success of Java, and it gives developers the leverage to build software more efficiently. What considerations do you face when using open source software to build commercial or internal applications? See how an organized approach to evaluate and use open source code and applications will benefit you, your organization, and the open source community.

JSTL Gives Web Applications Flexibility
by Alan Berg
Though a scripting language like PHP is a good choice for Web application developers who see Java as being less than flexible, with the right setup you can get the same flexibility through JSP tag libraries. Try an approach applying the JSP Standard Tag Library to a simple database application that makes connections through JSP tags.

Fast or Good?
by Peter Varhol
As tools become more sophisticated, future coders are being trained to develop software quickly to meet today's productivity demands without getting the foundation that was ingrained traditionally in computer science curricula. Weigh both sides of the question, good code versus fast code, and what it means for the future of software development.

Select and Load JDBC Drivers
by Kevin Jones
You've set up an Eclipse plug-in to display JDBC requests, but you want to ensure the plug-in remains generic. See how to provide for loading JDBC drivers and select the JAR files containing them.

Hunting the Unicorn
by Daniel F. Savarese
Has a single implementation that you can apply in numerous instances proved to be elusive? Take a look at why it pays to take a generic, rather than a specific, approach when building custom tools.

Editor's Note
by Terrence O'Donnell

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