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December 2002/January 2003, Vol. 3, No. 7

Bridging the Gap
by Josh Street
In the next three years most enterprises will employ both the J2EE and .Net platforms. Take a look at some of the approaches that organizations can use to solve interoperability issues.

Building a Web Services Conduit
by Dan Wahlin
Web services let you share data between distributed systems. Discover how to sell products from your Web site by creating a proxy object that provides object-oriented access to a company's Web services data.

.Net Servers Challenge for the Enterprise
by Stuart J. Johnston
Microsoft's Windows .Net Server 2003, an important .Net architecture component, marks the company's first real foray into application servers.

XForms for Managing Forms-Based Data
by Anthony Tomasic
XForms defines a mini XML-based programming language that simplifies data-entry implementations dramatically.

Java to XML and Back Again
by Peter Varhol
Jato, an open source library, automates transformations between Java and XML, easing the development of Web services and other conversion requirements.

.Net Domain
The Crux of SOAP Encryption
by Dan Wahlin
In the second of two installments, see how to leverage advanced capabilities of Web services by using .Net to encrypt selected parts of SOAP messages.

Java Break
Localization Made Easy
by Claude Duguay
Learn a powerful and easy approach to building a localization infrastructure for Java, based on XML.

End Tag
Speaking XML
by Adam Bosworth
Take the first of several looks at how XML interacts with programming languages.

Editor's Note
by Dan Ruby

Signal: Products

XML in the Raw?
by Kurt Cagle
Kurt Cagle says we shouldn't become so fixated on hiding XML that it disappears. Consider the fight between the XML Brokers, the XML Linguists, and others on whether to "clothe" XML or keep it "naked."

Track Changes to an XML Document
by Dan Wahlin
Why write custom code to track changes made within an XML document? Using .Net's built-in support for DOM events gives you a better alternative.

Compare Web Service Security Metrics
by Roger Jennings
Performance problems are a potential showstopper for widespread adoption of WS-Security X.509 encryption and signing. How will it affect your Web service execution time?

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