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February/March 2003, Vol. 4, No. 1

Enterprise Portal Development
by Dan Ruby and Abby Christopher
Portal technology strategies call for infinitely customizable views into organizations' real-time information, applications, and processes. To better understand portal technology trends, we provide a comprehensive "toolbox" of tools and strategies employed by leading portal technology providers that can help you strategize your organization's portal offerings.

Corporate Mergers, Tighter Integration
by Andy Patrizio
Amid recent mergers, vendors of specialty tools will likely find survival tougher as the industry veers toward complete application development suites.

Making Web Services More Flexible
by David Chappell and Tony Hong
See how the Java Message Service and SOAP can provide effective data transport within and across your enterprise.

Authenticating Web Services Users
by Bruce Johnson
Keeping track of who accesses your Web service is a necessary part of any nontrivial application. Identify the authentication method that is most appropriate for your Web service.

.Net Domain
Efficient XML Document Exchange
by Dan Wahlin
Discover an open source .Net component to compress XML documents programmatically to a ZIP file archive and make your data transfers more efficient.

Java Break
Validate Data with XML Schemas
by Claude Duguay
Learn an approach that uses the Multi-Schema XML Validator Java library to parse XML Schema for simple, but powerful, data types.

XML Unplugged
Adapt Web Content to Any Device
by Jeff Jurvis
ASP.Net's control classes and device adapters give you the ability to generate proper markup for handheld devices and delivery methods within the .Net Framework.

End Tag: Setting the Stage
by Adam Bosworth

Editor's Note: Odd Man Out
by Dan Ruby

Signal: Products

Generate XSD Schemas by Inference
by Roger Jennings
Microsoft's new XSD Inference Tool generates schemas from multiple XML source documents and solves most of Xsd.exe's problems. Join Roger Jennings as he takes it for a test drive.

Build a Plug 'n' Play XML Windows Service
by Dan Wahlin
Download a Timer Windows Service that lets you call a Web service or screen-scrape a Web page frequently to get weather, stock, or news information and store the results as XML.

Is There an (X)Doc in the House?
by Kurt Cagle
XDocs will likely breathe new life into Microsoft Office and reshape the notion of a document. Find out some of the capabilities of this upcoming application in addition to some possible concerns.

Parse HTML Pages to Extract Data
by Dan Wahlin
Parsing HTML documents to extract data isn't easy using the .Net Framework classes. Check out a freely available SGML parser that can parse HTML documents and even generate well-formed HTML.

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