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Business Process Modeling
Modeling and execution language are making it possible to automate large business processes.

VSLive! San Francisco, February 1, 2006

Watch the video of the keynote! (Running time: 1 hour and 4 minutes)

Ted Buszkiewicz

Real-life business processes are complex and require intelligent decisions at each step of the way. But modeling and execution language, combined with service components and service-oriented middleware, are making it possible to automate large, and seemingly ambiguous, business processes. Hewlett-Packard's Ted Buszkiewicz closely examines the technology advances that make this possible. He describes how you can apply specific techniques to big steps in your own business processes and bring them together to deliver big-picture modeling and automating. Buszkiewicz also shares ways that he and his colleagues have applied design principles to successfully build complete software systems based on legacy business processes.

About the Speaker
Ted Buszkiewicz directs HP's PSG IT Architecture & DKM team. They develop PSG IT's strategic architecture and review projects for architectural fit. Before HP, Ted spent two decades working in IT and for consulting firms that developed mainframe solutions. He has recently shifted from a tactical-development focus to a strategic-architecture focus.


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