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MSDN Redux With 64-Bit Servers and
  Microsoft's Larry Jordan gave VSLive! attendees a behind-the-scenes look at the makeover that MSDN is undergoing. He described how his team reinvigorated MSDN with 64-bit servers, Visual Studio 2005, and Web services.
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Architecting for Scalability
Amazon's Pat Helland outlined what's necessary to build a scalable application for Software Architecture Summit attendees this week in San Francisco. Plus, he provided the design patterns you must follow in order to redeploy without writing new code.
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Deploying Oracle Database 10g on Windows
Oracle's commitment to .NET enables you to exploit the performance, reliability, and scalability of Oracle Database 10g on the Windows platform. Oracle's Mark Townsend demonstrates their tight integration.
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Business Process Modeling
Modeling and execution language, combined with service components and service-oriented middleware, make it possible for you to automate your business processes. Ted Buszkiewicz examines the technology that makes this possible.
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Architecture on the Edge: Moving Beyond SOA
Change with the rapidly evolving software landscape. John deVadoss introduces you to new architecture that moves beyond SOA and finds a way to connect cutting-edge software development and existing services infrastructure.
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How Microsoft Does Software Engineering
During the Visual Studio 2005 roll-out, questions for Microsoft's developer division arose about its process and tools. Russ Ryan talks about what the team learned and what practices were set in place to make the next VS version even better.
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Outlining the Future of Software
Chappell & Associates' David Chappell detailed the design patterns for a new breed of service-oriented applications to a standing-room-only crowd at VSLive! on Tuesday. See how to combine Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation to create fourth-generation apps.
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Occasionally Connected Smart Clients
Users want their data to be available, even if their network isn't. Microsoft's Steve Lasker takes you through the various options for developing Occasionally Connected Smart Clients that operate in an offline mode as well as online.
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Build Peer-to-Peer Apps Using WCF
Rao and PamulapatiWindows Communication Foundation enables you to develop scalable, peer-to-peer (P2P) solutions. This session demonstrates sample P2P applications and shows how to build them using WCF's new PeerChannel feature.
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Team Foundation Server to Ship in March
Team Foundation Server will release to manufacturing in March, said Microsoft's S. "Soma" Somasegar during his VSLive! San Francisco keynote on Monday. He and his keynote team also announced CTPs for Visual Studio "Orcas" including Atlas, LINQ, Cider, and WinFX.
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Database Dev With SQL Server Express, VB 2005
Learn to develop WinForms-based database applications using VS 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express. Jay Schmelzer shows you how to design and implement DataSet-bound forms, generate reports with SQL Server Reporting Services, and more.
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An In-Depth Look at WinForms in VS 2005
Use new controls in Visual Studio 2005 to build localized applications that resemble Outlook, Money, and Messenger. Microsoft's Jay Roxe takes an in-depth look at the new WinForms data features.
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Improve Productivity With .NET Framework 2.0
Kit George presents a set of tools, tips, tricks, and best practices to help you enhance your productivity with the .NET Framework. Discover hidden utilities, WinForms techniques, thread management, interface-factoring techniques, and more.
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SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Advisor
Jennifer Perret Microsoft's Jennifer Perret offers advice on upgrading your system to SQL Server 2005. Learn techniques to reduce your downtime and make best use of the upgrade tools.
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Contemplating Helland's Keynote
Peter Varhol Rethink some established data management conceptions with Peter Varhol, who was prompted by Software Architecture Summit speaker Pat Helland's presentation on "Architecting for Scalability."
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Business Framework Implementation
Download this free chapter from Rockford Lhotka's soon-to-be-released book, Expert C# 2005 Business Objects, Second Edition, so that you can start creating your own CSLA .NET framework. Fans met Rockford at the VSLive! book signing!
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Book Chapters: Installing, Configuring Reporting Services
Download two chapters from the book Hitchhiker's Guide to SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, which coauthor and VSLive! speaker William R. Vaughn signed at the conference.
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VS 2005 Ecosystem Continues to Expand
A slew of new products designed to enhance and expand the capabilities of Visual Studio 2005 debuted at VSLive! 2006 in San Francisco. Get info on the new releases from the editors of Visual Studio Magazine.
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Building Modern Software
Peter Varhol VSLive! keynote speaker David Chappell gave "his usual rousing presentation" of how the future of software is in services, says FTPOnline blogger Peter Varhol. But that's a difficult pitch to make to coders.
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Introduction to Data Mining
Learn about the data mining process, what you need to know to mine your data, and the specific mining capabilities offered in SQL Server 2005.
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Orcas CTPs Coming Soon
Microsoft will soon release Community Technical Previews for some key capabilities in the next version of Visual Studio. FTP's Jeff Hadfield provides some links to downloads and other related resources.
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Chapter Preview: Business Framework Implementation
Download this free chapter from VSLive! speaker Rockford Lhotka's soon-to-be-released book, Expert C# 2005 Business Objects, Second Edition, so that you can start creating your own CSLA .NET framework.
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Podcast: More on Modern Software With David Chappell
Hear more from VSLive! keynote speaker David Chappell as he chats with Microsoft's Ron Jacobs, host of ARCast.
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Develop .NET Security Code as a Non-Admin
Learn to develop security code for Windows without administrative privileges. Download this free chapter from The .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security by Keith Brown, who is doing a book signing at VSLive! San Francisco.
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Diary of a VSLive! Speaker
Billy Hollis VSLive! speaker Billy Hollis previews his upcoming Smart Client sessions and recaps the hot topics that came up in his Advanced Windows Forms workshop on Sunday.
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