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Application Lifecycle Management

Today the application lifecycle is undergoing a dramatic change, brought on by a combination of business and technology drivers. On the business side, the rapid pace of change has necessitated more rapid application development and deployment, along with the creation of more sophisticated applications that process data and make decisions in unique ways. On the technology side, application teams are experimenting with new methodologies for delivering more relevant and more reliable software faster. But one thing is clear: It's no longer enough simply to get an application into production.

New Approaches to App Lifecycle Management
New approaches to treating the application lifecycle as a continuum promise to rationalize the design, construction, testing, deployment, and management of applications. Get a sense of where application lifecycle management (ALM) stands today.

Achieve Useful Requirements Processes
Aligning IT and business is more than a marketing slogan. Learn best practices to help IT teams share requirements that align IT priorities with business needs more effectively.

Best Practices for Design and Modeling
The thought process for designing and modeling an application can be complex. Here's how to look for warning signs that might indicate future problems, and how to balance your design decisions accordingly.

7 Tips for Software Versioning
It'd be ideal to have versioning support in the core language specs for .NET and Java. But in the absence of such features, you can still do things today to build applications that show resilience in the face of change.

Testing in Application Lifecycle Management
If you test the business analysis, requirements, and architecture as your project progresses, you'll encounter fewer bugs when you deploy. Learn what type of tests to use and how to implement them throughout your application lifecycle.

Managing Enterprise Governance
Loosely federated governance structures are becoming a necessary feature in EA delivery platforms. Learn management approaches and industry developments that might help you address the issue of governance.

ALM Tips
Check out these tips to help you manage your application development more effectively.
Identify the System's Highest Priorities
Technical Leadership is Not Project Management
Dealing With Uninvolved Customers

ALM Resources
Check out these publications, tools, and community sites for additional information about application lifecycle management.

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