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Effective Software Delivery
FLEXnet Connect, formally Update Service, is the only solution that keeps you connected to users by electronically delivering applications, updates, and messages directly to their systems – keeping your software up to date, your support costs down, and your customers happy. It also provides data about your users you can use to improve software development and marketing.

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ROI Calculator
What are the financial benefits of staying to customers? Try the ROI Calculator now to find out!

Connect Directly With the Users of Your Software
Learn the benefits of being connected directly with the user and how electronically delivering your latest applications, updates, and patches to the customers’ system increases their satisfaction and reduces your support costs.

Design an Effective Software Update Delivery Solution
This whitepaper details some of the requirements a development team must consider when designing their own software update delivery solution.

Marketing Software with Targeted In-Product Messaging
This white paper examines the problems with using email as a marketing tool and discusses a new vehicle for promoting software, called targeted in-product messaging.

Connect with your Customer using Electronic Software Distribution
Learn how to better connect with your software’s users with FLEXnet Connect. This Webinar discusses best practices for connecting with customers, cutting support costs, and maximizing product revenue using the electronic software distribution, in-product messaging, and product usage reporting functionality found only in FLEXnet Connect.

Trail Downloads
FLEXnet Connect Evaluation Copy
FLEXnet Connect is the only solution for software producers and developers to stay connected to customers by electronically delivering software, updates, patches, and messages to every user. Evaluate Now!

Update Manager Demo
Take a brief tour to see how the Update Service Module makes it easy to electronically deliver program updates with the latest security patches, improvements, and bug fixes.

Case Studies
Learn how Macrovision has successfully connected these companies with their customers.

Earthlink Increases Customer Satisfaction

Corel Reduces Support and Maintenance Costs

Cloudmark Automatically Delivers Software Updates

FutureSource Solves Software Updating Challenge

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Developer Newsletter
Read the Macrovision Developer Newsletter and the release of FLEXnet Connect 6.0, plus subscribe for future issues!

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