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SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server has come a long way since the release of Ashton-Tate/Microsoft SQL Server 1.0 in 1989, now providing a developer-oriented, enterprise-grade relational database management system. This Special Report delves into SQL Server 2005's new offerings, including business intelligence features, management tools, advanced data and text mining, more granular database permissions, Visual Studio integration, and more.


Microsoft SQL Server Turns 17
After 17 years of non-stop development, SQL Server 2005 now has what it takes to give Oracle 10g and IBM DB2 a run for the money in the enterprise-scale, multiterabyte database market. But the SQL Server team didn't abandon its traditional small- and medium-size business customers.

Install SP-1 for SQL Server 2005 and Express
Microsoft posted on April 18, 2006 the RTM version of Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2005 Developer, Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise, and Express editions. Get the lowdown on SP-1's added features, including fully supported database mirroring, bug fixes, and add-ons for SQL Express.

Save Time With LINQ Queries
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) simplifies the set of tools you already use to manipulate data. Learn how the DLinq and XLinq language extensions can help increase your productivity and reduce errors.

SQLCLR for the .NET Developer
One major enhancement to SQL Server 2005 is SQLCLR, and with it, the promise of writing .NET code that runs on the database itself. Learn to write database objects in managed code and configure SQL Server to use code located within .NET assemblies.

Make a SQL-to-Java Connection
SQL Server 2005's Type 4 JDBC driver provides database connectivity from a Java application. Although the driver class and connection URL are a bit different in this version, connectivity is a snap.

Integrate XML Into Your Reporting Environment
You'll find four areas of interest regarding XML usage in SQL Server Reporting Services: report object storage, data source queries, output formatting, and XSLT transformations. Get in-depth info on each of these.

SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition Goes Everywhere
A forthcoming Win32 upgrade to SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition joins SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition with SSX and Jet in Microsoft's new triumvirate of freely distributable database engines.

SQL Server Tips
Check out these tips to help simplify and enhance your database development.
Database Dev a Cinch With DDL
Using Data Integrity
Secure Your Data With SQL Server
Tricks for Processing SQL Scripts

SQL Server Resources
Check out these publications, tools, SDKs, and community sites for additional information about SQL Server.

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