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Web Services and Enterprise Architecture

Enterprises seeking to add structure to their IT operations, tie IT initiatives more directly to business objectives, and plan for future technologies are using enterprise architects to accomplish their goals. Enterprise architects are experienced IT professionals with a broad background in many technologies, a comprehensive business focus, and the ability to communicate across all levels of an organization. Many enterprise architects follow frameworks, such as those promoted by The Open Group or the US Department of Defense, in creating and executing their architectures.

Web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) are essential tools for enterprise architecture (EA) today. Web services provide enterprises with elements of computational logic that can be used in multiple applications and can be rapidly reconfigured and applied to new business opportunities. A comprehensive SOA enables architects to connect IT systems directly to business drivers and respond to changes in business.

This Special Report explains the concepts behind EA. Learn how you can use Web services to create an SOA that provides the flexibility and rapid response needed in today’s changing business environments.

Special Report Sponsored by Progress Actional. For a series of free whitepapers, click here:
  • The Current State of SOA Governance
  • Implementing a Successful SOA Pilot Program
  • Business Process Visibility
  • How to Prevent Your SOA from Being a DOA
  • SOA Worst Practices Volume II: A Look at Governance

  • Examining the Role of Web Services in Enterprise Architecture
    Web services can make or break an enterprise architecture. Learn how adopting a Web services strategy simplifies the job of the enterprise architect, or at least makes the consequences of incorrect decisions less severe.

    Guarding Against the Network Menace
    Minimize the risk of the unknown when deploying Web apps. Discover a three-step process to monitor performance securely in real time from the browser back to the database.

    Who Is This Enterprise Architect?
    The enterprise architect wears a multitude of hats in today's organizations. See how these varied roles will mean a rise in stature for the enterprise architect within organizational hierarchies.

    Case Study: Web Services on a Mission
    An enterprise-scale, Web services deployment can help with a worthy cause. The United Nations agency employed a cost-saving, portal solution to fight rural poverty.

    The Open Group and Enterprise Architecture
    Steven Nunn from the Open Group—an organization that enables access to integrated information within and between enterprises based on open standards and global interoperability—weighs in on the theory and practice of enterprise architecture.

    Special Sponsored Section

    Discover how Progress Actional SOA Management solutions are dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of deploying and managing Web service projects.


    The Current State of SOA Governance
    As organizations begin to adopt service-oriented architectures (SOAs), the topic of SOA governance—the articulation and enforcement of policies related to Web-service life cycles, implementation protocols, service access, information protection, and service-level agreements—is receiving an increasing amount of attention. ebizQ conducted this online survey in August 2006 in order to understand the current state of SOA governance from the practitioner's point of view. Click here to learn more.

    Implementing a Successful SOA Pilot Program
    SOA provides broad-scale interoperability and flexible software reuse, a practical realization of the vision of agile system delivery. Many organizations struggle to identify, implement, and extend their first SOA projects. This whitepaper is a compilation of proven best practices that lead to successful SOA implementations. Click here to learn more.

    Business Process Visibility
    Business Process Visibility (BPV) enables organizations to author, govern, and enforce policy at the process level. Discover how BPV allows organizations to auto-discover a business flow map, showing only the services infrastructure and relationships uniquely supporting each process. This whitepaper provides the details behind the solution and how BPV will fundamentally change the way organizations look at SOA management. Click here to learn more.

    SOA Worst Practices: How to Prevent Your SOA from Being a DOA
    Building an SOA can be challenging, even agonizing. Sometimes ideas that look good on paper are not so good in practice. Many actually turn out to be worst practices. Read this paper to learn about real-life mistakes made by organizations. It shares the thinking behind these ideas, why they failed, and better approaches that can help you achieve a more successful outcome. Learn about the eight worst SOA practices and how you can gain the wisdom needed to make better decisions as you embark on an SOA initiative. Click here to learn more.

    SOA Worst Practices Volume II: A Look at Governance
    This whitepaper's title suggests that it's the follow up to a whitepaper on SOA worst practices, or a collection of dubious—and sometimes disastrous—case studies of SOA implementations. Each scenario describes and analyzes the critical SOA errors and lessons learned, and then a prescription is revealed to stimulate discussion and corrective possibilities. Click here to learn more.

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