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Visual Studio 2005 Team System

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System, an integrated software development platform to help your team build mission-critical applications, delivers new role-based tools for software architects, developers, testers, database professionals, and project managers. This Special Report shows how you can use VSTS and its Team Foundation Server to better manage application delivery and maintenance, as well as improve realtime communication across the enterprise.

An In-Depth Look at Visual Studio Team System
The tools in Visual Studio Team System work together to help you and your organization produce better code in a shorter period of time. Get the scoop on each aspect of this integrated tool suite.

Welcome to the Team, Data Dude!
Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals fills a gap that has existed in Team System since it was first announced. Now database developers and DBAs will be able to collaborate more efficiently with other team members.

Automate Your Build Process
Ensure cleaner, better software and better communication with Team Foundation Build. It provides an integrated solution for performing automated builds, testing, and reporting build results.

Managing a Project With Visual Studio Team System
There is no silver bullet to managing a project to come in on time and on budget, but Visual Studio Team System can help. Its many tools provide a wealth of information on the health and progress of a project.

Using Development Methodologies With TFS
Using Team Foundation Server and the methodologies it supports can greatly improve the software development experience and lead to successful projects with repeatable processes.

Better Version Control With TFVC
Microsoft developers have never had it easy in the area of enterprise-class version control systems. But Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) offers more granular security, better centralization, robust auditing and reporting, and more.

Check out these tips to help simplify and enhance your development with Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server.
Deploy Supporting Files as Part of Your VSTS Unit Tests
Streamline TFS Permissions Management
Customize the "Bug" Work Item Template

Resources for VSTS and TFS
Check out these publications, tools, and community sites for additional information about Visual Studio Team System and Team Foundation Server.

New Team Edition for Database Professionals
Microsoft's Cameron Skinner shows how Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals can help you improve development of data-centric applications, manage changes to your database schema, and evolve your database and its apps.
 Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Use VSTS for Advanced Testing
Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers offers comprehensive testing technology for Web and performance testers. Microsoft's Sonal Pardeshi provides an overview of this VSTS edition and its Unit Testing Framework, Test Case Management, and Advanced Load Testing tools.
 Watch the video!

5 Management Essentials
Martin Shoemaker's VSLive! Orlando session shows team leads and team members how Visual Studio 2005 Team System helps estimate time and costs; plan and schedule the effort; and track, report, and correct as the project runs.
 Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Best Practices for Testing Managed Code
Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers features a built-in Unit Testing system that lets you define unit tests before you start programming and rerun your tests whenever you wish. Get the details from Richard Hale Shaw's VSLive! Orlando session.
 Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Requirements Patterns With VSTS
Requirements definition and management should be at the core of any good process. Martin Shoemaker shows you some simple yet powerful requirements patterns that you can apply to most projects and processes.
 Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

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