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State of the Java Art

The future is bright for the Java technology community, and these advances are paving the way for more avenues of innovation. The three Java platforms are all undergoing considerable upgrades and standardization improvements. The proliferation of open source tools, most notably those based on the Eclipse Platform, is another area where the community is seeing significant expansion in Java-related technologies. Check out this Special Report on the state of Java, including coverage from this year's JavaOne conference.

Taking Java Around the Table
JavaOne brought them to San Francisco, and FTP brought them to the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable. Get a sampling of what industry thought leaders had to say about the state of Java.
 Read some highlights and download the podcast!


What the Experts Predict for Java
As is tradition, the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable ended with predictions for Java over the ensuing year. See what the panel of experts said we can expect for Java by JavaOne 2007.

Experts Discuss Java IDEs, Tools
In any discussion of Java and the Java platform, tools can't be ignored. See what the expert panelists at the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable had to say about IDEs and other tooling issues.

Big Announcements at JavaOne
Terry O'Donnell We saw some big announcements at this year's JavaOne, says Java Pro Editor Terrence O'Donnell. Check out news from Sun, Borland, The Eclipse Foundation, and other vendors.

WSIT Components Are Made Available
Sun and Microsoft announced at JavaOne the availability of a set of WS-* components called Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT), marking another big step toward Web services interoperability between Java and .NET.

The Second Wave of Java?
Open sourcing Java was the buzz at JavaOne, and discussions among attendees influenced part of the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable. Find out the experts' views on the state of Java.

Sun CEO Calls for Open Source Java
Jonathan SchwartzDuring his opening keynote at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, Sun Microsystems' new CEO Jonathan Schwartz raised the number-one question on the Java community's mind: Will Sun open source Java?

Should Java Be Open Source?
Sun Microsystems revealed at JavaOne that it would release Java under an as-yet-to-be determined open source license. Peter Varhol discusses the implications of this announcement.

Bringing Mobility to the Table
Java mobile development is a hot topic in the IT industry these days, as evidenced by considerable discussion at the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable. Here's a highlight from the event.

Get Creative on the Java ME Platform
The Java ME platform (formerly, J2ME) is six years old. Is it the right platform for your next mobile development project? Take a look at the state of Java ME and its CLDC/MIDP stack.

Mobility in the Enterprise
CTIA Wireless 2006 allowed Forum Nokia Pro members to share ideas. FTPOnline invited selected Pro members to a roundtable to share perspectives on enterprise mobile technologies.

Gamma and WiegandEclipse: A Framework and Lifestyle
IBM Rational's Erich Gamma and John Wiegand had JavaOne attendees eating out of their hands as they cheerfully laid out the ongoing IBM Eclipse development process.

Eclipse Foundation Launches Community Portal
This Eclipse Foundation launched a community portal called Eclipse Plugin Central (EPIC), which helps software developers find Eclipse plug-ins, tools, and products that enhance the Java software development lifecycle.

Java's Desktop Comeback
Would you use the Rich Client Platform (RCP) to build a vertical application or a custom enterprise application? Discover the pros and cons of using Eclipse or NetBeans to build rich Java applications.

Java Community Awards


Bill Shannon
Bill Shannon from Sun Microsystems accepts a Java Community Award for Outstanding Contribution to Java Technology.

Outstanding Contribution to Java Technology
Bill Shannon, Sun Microsystems

Outstanding Contribution to the Java Community
Sun Microsystems, JSR 220 Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0

Outstanding Contribution to the Java Community
Oracle, JSR 220 Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0

Click here to see more winners from FTP's Java Technology Achievement Awards ceremony.

Speaking of Programming Languages
Experts at the 2006 Java Technology Roundtable deliberate over Java and other language options for the Java platform.

The Java Platform Roadmap
Get the scoop on Sun Microsystems' Java Platform roadmap. Graham Hamilton and Bill Shannon discussed the Java SE6 "Mustang" standard edition and the Java EE 5 enterprise edition in their JavaOne session.

Java EE 5 Spec Approved
Just in time for JavaOne, the JCP approved the openly developed Java EE 5 spec unanimously. The latest platform offers ease-of-use features and an overhauled programming model.

Finding the Best Value in Java IDEs
Productivity is critical when evaluating enterprise development tools, though it's difficult to measure in absolute terms. Have a look at several IDEs freely available for evaluation.

JavaOne Highlights JSRs
Innovation is occurring in the JCP's efforts to standardize Java technologies, according to Onno Kluyt, chair of the JCP. See what he has to say about selected JSRs highlighted at JavaOne.

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