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The Role of Eclipse in Enterprise Development

After more than five successful years in the industry, it's safe to say the Eclipse Foundation and its platform have dramatically changed the field of software development. It may not be the best Java IDE available today, but Eclipse has driven several of the former Java IDE leaders out of the market. It has become the foundation for embedded development applications, and Eclipse is rapidly becoming home to a variety of tools, spanning the development life cycle. If its industry momentum continues, the Eclipse Rich Client Platform may start to change how you build all types of applications.

The Eclipse model, a unique combination of cooperation and competition, has driven this amazing industry trend. Vendors cooperate on defining the Eclipse platform and fundamental approach, and compete with each other on compliant features. The Eclipse model has been widely successful in bringing about a wave of innovation.

This Special Report details Eclipse's approach to development and demonstrates how it is being implemented in different areas. It incorporates reporting from the recent the EclipseCon 2007 conference, as well as exclusive interviews with Eclipse Foundation executives.

Eclipse and Embedded Systems
Expanding beyond the tooling ecosystem, the Eclipse community is working on several projects that to cater to developers of embedded systems.

State of Eclipse
In an interview with Redmond Media Group editors, Mike Milinkovich, the Eclipse Foundation's executive director, provides insight and perspective on the community's rapid growth and its future.

Championing the Universal Component Model
Mike Milinkovich uses the EclipseCon Press Conference to emphasize the "synergy" between his organization and the OSGi Alliance, in addition to making announcements about Eclipse's growing community and latest projects.

Eclipse Delivers for .NET Developers
Redmond Magazine Executive Editor Peter Varhol reports on .NET-oriented Eclipse projects and explains how you can benefit from this platform now and in the future.

Getting Ready for EclipseCon 2007
Senior Editor Terry O'Donnell reveals some expected EclipseCon announcements before the March 2007 event.

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