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How to Explain SOA to Your CIO
The promise of service-oriented architectures (SOAs) has been established: loosely coupled services and flexible software leading to agile business processes. The emergence and adoption of Web services is one driving factor. But how can you begin to familiarize yourself with SOA and plan your potential implementation? This Special Report gives you an overview of the strategic ideas and business benefits behind SOA and connected systems.

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Special Section Sponsored by Microsoft
The Connected Business: The Microsoft Approach to SOA
Gain an understanding of Microsoft's approach to service-oriented architectures and how they relate to building a more connected business with .NET.
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Connected Business, Connected Systems
Getting There

What You Want Your CIO to Know
SOAs will help change how business and IT work together. It will take time, though. Meanwhile, here's what you want your CIO to know so that your company can move in the right direction.
Gauging the Business Returns
Assessing Vendor Positions
SOA Challenges Ahead

Connected Systems and Service Orientation
SOA and related definitions

SOA Design: Meeting in the Middle
Beyond SOA: Principles of Service Engineering
Troubleshoot Your SOA


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