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Testing and Performance
Welcome to another in our series of special FTP reports.
Check out these case studies, tips, and market trends on this important topic.

Why Security and Outsourcing Are Key Trends in Testing and Performance
Chris Preimesberger provides this overview of trends and challenges in testing and performance.
Market Leaders Are Running in Place
Build Security Into the T&P Process
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing T&P

Use Your ESP to Test Software Packages
Danielle and Nelson Ruest show how you can use the five-step Enterprise Software Packaging cycle to make sure your software packages are tested thoroughly before introducing them into the production network.
Request; Integration; Product Testing
Quality Assurance
Release Management

Simplify Enterprise Testing With the Right Tools: Two Case Studies
Successful testing of enterprise applications requires the right tools—and the right strategies for using them. Edmund X. DeJesus shows how H&R Block makes use of Empirix tools, while Burlington Coat Factory swears by Mercury Interactive products.
E-Load for Load Testing
User-Friendliness Is Important
Burlington Coat Factory: Tests Tailored to Fit
LoadRunner for Load Testing

Tips for Integrating Optimization Into the Development Cycle
Testing and optimizing can pay major dividends in the development process. Chris Preimesberger explains when and how to mix them in.
Point of Agreement: Unit Testing Is a Must
Don't Wait for a Problem to Do a Tune-Up
Five Key Testing/Optimization Areas
Testing/Optimizing Reused Code

Choosing an Automated Testing Tool
This product guide by Karen D. Schwartz will help you find the best testing tool for your needs.
Developer-Oriented Tools
Functional-Testing Tools
Load-Testing Tools
Performance Monitoring and Management Tools

SPIN and the Future of Testing Tools: Interview with Gerard J. Holzmann
Computer scientist and researcher Gerard J. Holzmann talks about SPIN, a free software verification tool for multi-threaded software systems that is likely to influence future tool development.
What Is SPIN?
How to Use SPIN
Who Should Use SPIN?
Learn More
Sample chapter: "An Overview of Promela," Chapter 3 of The SPIN Model Checker: Primer and Reference Manual

What are the three main trends in testing and performance?
What are the most common categories of testing tools?
How do I decide which tool to choose?

The 10-Minute Test Plan
Jeff Gainer shows you how to get started on an effective and meaningful test plan. [Read the article]

ApTest Resources
Gartner Group
X-Treme Testing
Software Testing Online Resources at MTSU

Adopt Integrated Development
7 Pillars of Testing

Architecture Is Key to Optimization


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