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Windows Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft's first all-new client operating system in over five years. Early next year, almost all new desktop and notebook computers will ship with one of the six versions of this operating system. Read why Windows Vista is about to change the computing landscape for enterprises and individual users.

Windows Vista: What You Need to Know
FTPOnline has published a great deal of material on Windows Vista. This Special Report is a compilation of material on the topic from the past year and half, complemented by all-new editorial content on the eve of the Vista launch. The information provided in this report will be useful to you in understanding what Vista is all about and what you need to accomplish to use it as your new application platform.

UI and Graphics
As the most visible of Windows Vista's features, the products UI and graphics capabilities incorporate the use of high-resolution graphics, a new imaging model, and innovations such as transparent objects on screen. While it will take some time before new applications use it, the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) will gradually change how users interact with their computers, and how developers work with new .NET classes to achieve the Aero look and feel.

Web Services
Windows Vista includes the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). WCF provides for efficient use of Web services through APIs that offer access to security and reliability features. This technology will lead to a significant surge in the building of individual Web services and facilitate the development of service-oriented architectures (SOAs) in the enterprise.

Windows Vista incorporates many improvements for system administrators, including better security and manageability. For example, the Bitlock encryption feature allows you to dynamically encrypt and decrypt the contents of the hard disk. Microsoft is also closing off traditional access into the OS kernel, which makes it more difficult for third-party virus checkers to operate, and correspondingly difficult for hackers to infiltrate the kernel.

Framework and Development
Developers will have a field day with Windows Vista's new features, including the .NET Framework 3.0 that incorporates the Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF). Plus, you'll have extensions to Visual Studio that provide programmatic access to these features and more. It won't be too long before users and enterprises start demanding applications that use Web services, workflows, and snazzy user interfaces.

Microsoft operating systems continue to spawn a proliferation of third-party products that supplement its features and capabilities, and Windows Vista will prove to be no exception. Because Microsoft keeps incorporating third-party features into its own products, the business of supporting Windows keeps changing. Learn how some companies are coping.

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