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Storage Methods That Prepare You for the Worst
Use storage virtualization, mirroring, and replication techniques to develop an effective disaster recovery plan.
by Nils Odhner

Your company needs a safe remote backup or disaster recovery (DR) solution. In our post-9/11 world, and with recent events such as the power failure that caused a major blackout in the northeastern U.S., companies of all sizes—particularly utilities and other critical service providers such as telecom carriers—must make sure they are prepared for the worst.

According to the META Group, more than 30 percent of businesses that suffer a catastrophic disaster such as such as fire, flood, or earthquake will never reopen their doors for business. Faced with such a grim reality, the data storage industry has responded by developing techniques and technologies that can help you create a sound and effective disaster recovery plan or strategy for your company, using such common techniques as storage virtualization, mirroring, and replication as a foundation.

Virtualization, Mirroring, and Replication

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