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Storage and Disaster Recovery
Welcome to the first in a series of special FTP reports.
Check out these technical articles, tips, and market trends on this important topic.

A Better Outlook for Information Management
Nelson and Danielle Ruest explain how new storage trends and technologies will help your organization face the information explosion while also helping with disaster recovery (DR) planning.
Choose Your Storage Solution
Pricing and Protocols
Fibre Channel Options

Searching for Holy Grails: Interview with
Jon William Toigo

Jon William Toigo is the author of two essential books on storage and disaster recovery. He says that even though you'll never find the perfect solutions, you need to keep striving for them.
How to Begin Planning
Challenges, Costs, and Best Practices
Storage Issues and Solutions

Plan, Backup, Test, Repeat
To protect your data, you need to create a plan, back up your data, and test your recovery plan on a regular basis. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols shows you how to develop and test your plan. Key steps include:
Meet With Cross-Division Staff
Choose the Right Backup Format
Create a Communications Plan

Storage Methods Help Prepare You for the Worst
Nils Odhner explains how to use storage virtualization, mirroring, and replication techniques to develop an effective disaster recovery plan.
Virtualization, Mirroring, and Replication
Tactics for DR Plan Implementation
Plan to Play It Safe

What are some storage and backup options?
Where should backups be stored?
What are the key elements of a disaster plan?
More FAQs

Using the Volume Shadow Copy
Nelson and Danielle Ruest show you how to cut your volume of help-desk calls with Windows Server 2003. [Read the article]

Consolidate File Shares
Implementing a network attached storage (NAS) appliance running Windows Storage Server 2003 allows you to consolidate file-sharing servers. Nelson and Danielle Ruest walk you through the setup process. [Read the article]

Disaster Recovery Journal
Storage Networking Industry Association
Windows Server 2003
More Resources

Get the Most From Your Storage Investment
Redefining Windows Storage
Avoid Disaster Downtime
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