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Operations Management
The changing nature of enterprise applications and their architectures has created new challenges in operations management. This FTPOnline Special Report is packed with trend analysis, Q&As, tutorials, and vendor profiles to help you manage your applications more effectively and efficiently.

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The New Frontier of IT Operations Management
The complexity of n-tier distributed applications complicates management. Fortunately, new classes of application management software will help automate it. Size Matters
The Top-Down Era
Remapping Product Categories

Build Business Service Metrics
How do you manage distributed applications in complex client/server architectures? Development and operations groups can build business service metrics for application monitoring.
Tools Can Help
Follow a Few Principles
Add Metrics Payloads

The New Management Architecture
Today's management architecture demands a shift in enterprise architecture design. Enterprise architects must take a new
application-centric management approach.
The Changing Nature of Business Applications
The Need For a New Approach
Use Cross-Tier Topology Maps

Improve Application Management With JMX
JMX solutions are rapidly becoming ubiquitous in J2EE infrastructure software. Here's how to use JMX to boost the operations management capabilities of your business applications.
JMX Concepts and Architecture
Apply the Technology
Instrument Your Application

Make Your Apps Operations Friendly With AOP
How can you make your existing code more operations friendly? Discover how aspect-oriented programming (AOP) lets you add new behaviors to your application without code modification.
What is Aspect-Oriented Programming?
AOP Implementations
Add an Aspect to a Java Application

Web Services for Interoperable Management
Ever thought about exploiting Web services to manage Web services? See how you can take advantage of Web services' interoperability to manage J2EE and .NET environments.
The Agent and the App Server
Web Services' Potential for Management

The Ones to Watch
How are systems management and application management changing? Which vendors are leading the charge? The 451 Group's Rachel Chalmers gives her perspective.
Larger Vendors Playing Catch-Up
An Advantage in No Hardware Agenda
Top Goals for Operations Management Software

Is change management sufficient? How do you begin your transition
to application management? This FAQ answers those questions and more.
Is "application management" really a new term?
Why won't human intelligence suffice for problem resolution?
What's the benefit of configuration management software?

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Establish a Service-Oriented Framework
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