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The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition has rapidly evolved with new and expanded features and related technologies. The maturity of the platform brings with it associated complexity. In this FTPOnline Special Report, you'll find analysis of the state of the J2EE market, lessons for improving the design and implementation of your J2EE apps, an overview of standards and technologies for J2EE-.NET interoperability, and more to help you better plan and manage your J2EE infrastructure.

Expansion of the J2EE Universe
Discussions about the J2EE ecosystem center on tools and community. Read about J2EE market challenges as vendors refine their strategies and the open source debate rages on.
The Community
The Tools
Handicapping the Race

6 Best Practices for J2EE Architecture
What are some of the most crucial J2EE architectural issues? Learn six "in-the-trench" lessons for improving the design and implementation of your existing and future J2EE apps.
Security is Not an Add-On
Avoid Common Mistakes With MVC Presentation
Don't Be Embarrassed by POJOs

Make the Most of J2EE Enterprise BluePrints
The complexity of J2EE and its related technologies can be daunting. Discover the riches of the latest version of the J2EE Enterprise BluePrints and learn how to maximize their use.
J2EE Guidelines
Core J2EE Design Patterns
Sample Enterprise Applications

Create a Quality Testing Program
Often an afterthought, testing is a crucial component of the software development lifecycle. Combine testing tools with methodologies such as XP and TDD to boost quality assurance.
Bringing Open Source to Bear
Move Beyond Functional Testing
Tools Alone Are Not Enough

Plug Into J2EE-.NET Interoperability
It's all about platform neutrality: Your J2EE and .NET apps must interact. This overview presents the standards and available technologies that can help you shape interoperable solutions.
The Need to Interoperate
The Interoperability Standards
The Interoperability Technologies

J2EE 1.4 Tutorial
Enterprise BluePrints

Mapping Classes to Relational Tables
Union and Vertical Mapping of Classes
Web Services for Interoperable Management

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