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Lifecycle Management
Welcome to another in our series of special FTP reports.
Check out these case studies, tips, and market trends on this important topic.

An Application Lifecycle in 8 Phases
When it comes to application lifecycles, one truism stands out: Even when applications are released as "final," they're rarely complete. Danielle and Nelson Ruest show how you can improve IT effectiveness using an eight-phase lifecycle.
From Vision to Development
Testing and Quality Assurance
Deployment, Support, and Retirement

Life Begins at Requirements
Few agree on what requirements are and where they fit into the big picture. Richard M. Marshall explains what constitutes a set of requirements, how to tell if the requirements are right for a given project, and more.
Finding the "Right" Requirements
Requirements vs. Needs
Plan for the Macro Lifecycle

Design for Success
Design and modeling tools can start your enterprise applications off on the right path—and keep them there. These two case studies show you how.
School of Design
Extracting Designs From Legacy Databases
Marketing Models
Getting Up to Speed

Throwing Apps "Over the Wall"
FTPOnline interviewed META Group's Thomas Murphy about deployment challenges, zero administration, "throwing applications over the wall" to IT, and more.
How Do You Reduce Maintenance Time and Cost?
Is "Zero Administration" Attainable?
What Can Go Wrong?

Ease ALM With the Proper Tools
Nelson and Danielle Ruest's roundup covers more than a dozen tools to help with application lifecycle management.
General Lifecycle Management
Requirements & Design
Development & Testing
Packaging & Deployment

What are the advantages of introducing ALM practices?
How can I start building if the requirements keep changing?
What is the best way to learn software design patterns?

Essential Design Tips
Follow these four tips to advance your software designs toward adaptable, robust software architectures.

Test Your Requirements
The cost of removing a defect rises exponentially throughout the product lifecycle. Catch bugs early using these three 10-minute checkpoints to verify your project requirements.

Managing Requirements
Agile Modeling
FTPOnline Special Report: Testing and Performance

Video: Reinventing Lifecycle Management
The Philosophy of Interface-Driven Design
Adopt Integrated Development
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