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Testing and Application Quality

The challenges of building and deploying high quality applications continue to grow. The complexity of the platforms, the proliferation of libraries and frameworks, and the distributed nature of applications all contribute to bugs and performance issues. Security holes are also bugs that must be tested for and fixed as they are uncovered.

Testers continue to face these challenges with better methodologies and improved technologies. With more to testing than ensuring bugs are detected and addressed, QA professionals must also make sure that application requirements are met.

Developers play a big role as well, because the earlier flaws are discovered, the easier they are to fix. And fixing bugs is a difficult but necessary task once an application is in production. New technologies offer help to developers in understanding and addressing flaws more quickly during production, so that applications can be put back to work as soon as possible.

The goal is to ensure that end users can reliably use applications to accomplish their business activities. Constant testing is necessary, but no longer sufficient to ensure this level of quality. Discover new approaches and technologies to make quality within reach today.

Building Quality Applications
Improve quality during development through careful work and testing at all life-cycle stages using better tools to deliver higher quality apps.

Applying Automated Error Prevention
Software is integral to many mission-critical environments where code errors can be devastating. Take a look at a proven error-prevention solution.

Achieve Quality by Securing Web Applications
Meeting today's protection and integrity needs in your Web apps can be challenging. Learn best practices for quality and testing that are crucial to their success.

Building Quality Software Is No Accident
Catalyst Systems helps you resolve versioning issues for software components with an offering for automating software builds.

Best Practices for Building Quality and Performance in Apps
Achieve application performance goals by testing and evaluation across the application life cycle.

Surviving Process Improvement
This chapter from CMMI Survival Guide provides the necessary tools for effective process improvement.

Testing and Application Quality Resources
Check out these research publications, platforms, and tools for additional information about Testing and Application Quality.

Research and Platforms:
Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
Visual Studio Team System
Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform

Tools Vendors:
AutomatedQA Corporation
Borland Software Corporation
Compuware Corporation
Hewlett Packard Mercury (Mercury Interactive)
IBM Rational
Parasoft Corporation
Quest Software Corporation

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