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Simplify Your Real-Time Programming
Learn how you can use Real-Time Java's high-level abstractions to more quickly and easily develop predictable Java code for embedded systems. [Read More]
Eclipse and Embedded Systems

 Featured Articles

Versatile Querying With db4o
db4object's open source, object database offers a collection of efficient APIs that adapt to diverse querying requirements. Learn how you can use this database engine. [Read More]

Introducing Model-Driven Development
Despite advances in SOA technology, a composite app is only as good as its underlying individual services. Learn how raising the level of abstraction and using model-driven development techniques can help resolve common build problems. [Read More]

Customer Experience Is Key to Web Design
Peter MerholzSuccessful Web design is all about the user experience, not the technology, according to Peter Merholz, who gave the keynote address at the Web Design World Seattle conference.
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Create a PDF Report With JasperReports
The JasperReports reporting tool lets you include static data in J2EE applications. Learn how you can use this tool to generate a dynamic presentation report in WebLogic Server. [Read More]

10 Best Practices for Moving Quality Upstream
Abandon the traditional "develop, test, deploy and hold your breath" methodology, and discover 10 best practices to help you create an open, continuous build-and-test automation system that integrates testing with existing version control processes. [Read More]

Eclipse's Second Synchronized Project Release
The Eclipse Foundation continues to show significant growth with its annual synchronized project release, dubbed "Europa," which includes more than 310 developers contributing an estimated 17 million lines of open source code. [Read More]

Enterprise Open Source Gets Some Guidance
It's been a big year for enterprise-oriented, online, open source directories. Check out three companies that recently launched new and very different Web-based services to provide enterprises with a central access point for open source resources. [Read More]

Access MySQL Database With PHP
The MySQL database is a popular open source relational database. Learn how you can use a PHP 5 extension to quickly create a MySQL database table and easily retrieve data from it. [Read More]

The OSGi Approach to Component Integration
Perhaps best know as the Eclipse plug-in model, OSGi technology offers a more flexible alternative to application integration. Discover how it compares to COM and COBRA, what it brings to the Eclipse platform, and next steps for the OSGi Alliance. [Read More]

 JavaOne 2007

JavaFX Code to Change Mobile Development
Built on and around Java, JavaFX is aimed at the growing market for RIA, and address the needs of developers in various consumer markets, ranging from desktop to mobile devices. [Read More]

Sun Teams With Ericsson on Java Platform
In his opening keynote, Rich Green announced that Ericsson will contribute its Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Servlet 1.0-compatible app server to the open source GlassFish project. [Read More]

Java SE Development Kit Goes Open Source
"We are now, in regard to open-sourcing Java, done," said Rich Green, Sun's EVP of software, to a cheering crowd of JavaOne attendees. To further backup this claim, Sun Microsystems is releasing a fully scalable Java Development Kit for Java SE to the OpenJDK Community. [Read More]

Products and Partnerships Rolled Out at JavaOne
Sun commanded at the JavaOne conference, announcing the JavaFX product line, Java SE development kit and an Ericsson partnership. But Sun wasn't the only company unveiling products, projects and partnerships at the show. [Read More]
 Video Connection

Survey AJAX Frameworks and Design Patterns
Dion Hinchcliffe Choose among today's AJAX frameworks and design patterns. WDW Seattle 2007 speaker Dion Hinchcliffe offers an in-depth, practical tour of the latest frameworks, focusing on their features, strengths and weaknesses.
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Architecting the Enterprise for Performance
James Farley Identify and address common performance problems. EAS 2007 presenters James Farley and Bryan Cole demonstrated a process for monitoring app and infrastructure performance during the life cycle.
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Strategies and Techniques for Web Mashups
WDW Seattle 2007 speaker Dion Hinchcliffe provided a tour of current trends in mashups. You'll discover who's doing what in the mashup space and the leading mashup tools for the enterprise.
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Explore the Role of Policy in SOA
Toufic Boubez In his EAS 2007 session, Toufic Boubez introduced policy as an SOA concept, described its role in real-world SOA and introduced the W3C WS-Policy Framework specification.
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 Special Reports

The Role of Eclipse in Enterprise Dev
This Special Report details Eclipse's approach to dev and demonstrates how it is being implemented in different areas. It incorporates reporting from the EclipseCon 2007 conference. [Read More]

Web Services and EA
This Special Report investigates the concepts behind EA. Learn how you can use Web services to create an SOA that provides the flexibility and rapid response needed in today's changing business environments. [Read More]

Best Practices in Modeling and Patterns
Use modeling techniques, such as the Universal Modeling Language (UML) and Business Process Modeling (BPM), to define app dev methodology. Plus, examine the role of design and implementation patterns in delivering next-generation apps. [Read More]

Testing and Application Quality
This Special Report explores the growing challenges of building and deploying high-quality apps. Ensure that your end users can reliably use apps to accomplish their business activities, and discover new approaches and technologies that make quality within your reach. [Read More]

 Insight Classic

9 Tips for Automating Your Tests
If you want to automate your testing, consider defining a framework to make the process more effective. Use these techniques to design, improve and manage your test automation framework. [Read More]

Get Creative on the Java ME Platform
The Java ME platform is old. Is it the right platform for your next mobile development project? Explore the state of Java ME and its CLDC/MIDP stack and APIs. [Read More]

JSTL Gives Web Applications Flexibility
Try an approach using standard and open source JSP tag libraries that compares well with using the PHP scripting language for building Web applications. [Read More]

Achieve J2EE-PHP Interoperability
PHP integrates well with SOAs and makes aggregating services into a uniform Web interface easy. Discover how PHP is ready to capitalize on the growth of dynamic language adoption. [Read More]


W3C Releases Web Services Protocol
To promote greater standardization for Web services,W3C recently finalized Web Services Description Language 2.0 (WSDL 2.0). Jonathan Marsh discussed some of the implications of WSDL 2.0 with the Redmond Media Group. [Read More]

Europa a Triumph of Process
In an interview with the Redmond Media Group, Mike Milinkovich, the Eclipse Foundation's executive director, offered a peak at the process by which the organization makes possible synchronized project releases, such as this year's "Europa." [Read More]

 Product Focus

CodeMesh and Exotechnic Team Up to Take on MiFID
Software firm is using CodeMesh's .NET/Java interoperability solution to meet the needs of European Union financial institutions. [Read More]

ICEsoft Integrates JFS Framework With JBoss Seam
ICEsoft has unveiled the latest version of its flagship development environment, ICEfaces, an AJAX-based framework for developing and deploying Java EE apps as RIAs. [Read More]

Software Testing Gets Virtualized
Virtualization company VMware and Borland Software, an ALM specialist company, are teaming up to combine virtualization technologies with software testing tools. [Read More]

Terracotta Adds Support for WebSphere and Hibernate
Open source clustering solutions provider Terracotta released a new version of its flagship product, offering support for IBM's WebSphere and WebSphere CE application servers and the Hibernate object-relational mapper. [Read More]

JBoss Tools Project to Get Exadel Plug-Ins
Realizing a promise made at EclipseCon 2007, Red Hat makes a set of Exadel Eclipse plug-ins available to the open source community through its JBoss Tools project. Discover the new functionality provided by the these plug-ins. [Read More]

Agitar Adds Java Test App to IBM Rational Build Forge
Unit test your Java code and track life-cycle changes more easily. Agitar Software's Java unit testing solution is now integrated with IBM Rational Build Forge. [Read More]

DDC-I Unveils Real-Time Java Tool
If you're working on producing safe, real-time Java solutions for airlines or the military, check out the new Scorpion tool available from DDC-I. [Read More]

IBM and BEA Servers Get Spring Support
You can now develop in the Spring environment with two enterprise servers. Interface21 has certified the use of its Spring Framework with IBM's WebSphere Application Server and is working with BEA to incorporate the framework into WebLogic Server 10. [Read More]


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