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Enterprise Open Source Gets Some Guidance
It's been a big summer for enterprise-oriented directories. Check out three companies that recently launched new and very different Web-based services to provide enterprises with a central access point for open source resources. [Read More]

 Featured Articles

BPM Learns To Play With SOA
New tools and initiatives such as BPMN, BPEL4People and WS-HumanTask provide a start at marrying BPM's business acumen with SOA's IT-savvy. [Read More]

Introducing Model-Driven Development
Despite advances in SOA technology, a composite application is only as good as its underlying individual application services. Learn how raising the level of abstraction and using model-driven development techniques can help resolve common build problems. [Read More]

Picture Your Code With Metrics
VSM online columnist Jeff Levinson introduces Visual Studio 2008's new code metrics. Learn how you can use this feature in Team System to improve your code. [Read More]

W3C Releases Web Services Protocol
To promote greater standardization for Web services, the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) recently finalized Web Services Description Language 2.0 (WSDL 2.0). W3C chair Jonathan Marsh discussed some of the implications of WSDL 2.0 with the Redmond Media Group. [Read More]

Real-World Data Mining
Learn how you can build a real-world data mining application that enables you to examine historical customer data and make predictions about new customers. [Read More]

5 Best Practices to Improve Process
Jeff Levinson, VSM online columnist, outlines ways in which you can use Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Team System to improve your dev process. Learn how slower implementation of new features saves time and money. [Read More]

Build a Simple Device Application
VSM online columnist Dan Fergus offers you step-by-step instructions for developing your first device application. [Read More]


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 Product Focus

IBM Opens Up Collaborative Development
Improve your team's agility and communication. IBM will offer collaboration and life-cycle management solutions with its software development partners through the Jazz Project. [Read More]

Compuware Announces App Delivery Management Suite
Compuware has announced Optimal Delivery Manager, an integrated platform that enables enterprises to track key metrics of the application development life cycle, from conception to deployment. [Read More]

Software Plus Services Means Greater Choice
What does the "plus" mean in Microsoft's Software Plus Services? John DeVadoss' keynote at this week's EAS 2007 provided an explanation.
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Java SE Development Kit Goes Open Source
"We are now, in regard to open-sourcing Java, done," said Rich Green, Sun's EVP of software, to a cheering crowd of JavaOne attendees. Sun Microsystems released a Java Development Kit for Java SE to the OpenJDK community. [Read More]

Microsoft Demos Management App
Learn how to use a Microsoft program management app to assess enterprise resources. In the opening keynote at EAS 2007, Marc Baxter and Kevin Brown demonstrated how Microsoft Services can add value as a consultant to your business.
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 Special Reports

Web Services and Enterprise Architecture
Discover the concepts behind enterprise architecture. Use Web services to create an SOA that provides the flexibility and rapid response needed in today's changing business environments. [Read More]

Development Solutions for Results-Driven Teams
Business responsiveness, time-to marketing, and IT flexibility stem from informed decisions based on current data. Discover how you can address your business challenges through IBM's platform for governing software and systems development. [Read More]

The Enterprise Service Bus
This Special Report looks at the current state of ESB technology, alternatives that are available for those who do not need an ESB, and what the future holds. [Read More]

 Video Connection

Manage EA Through Dependencies
Neeraj Sangal EAS 2007 presenter Neeraj Sangal unveiled the dependency structure matrix (DSM). Find out how you can use dependences as a means for creating highly scalable models.
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Architects Are Key To Improving Business Processes
Allen Brown In his EAS keynote, Allen Brown addressed the evolution of enterprise architecture, current demands on enterprise architects, and the important role of industry certification programs in helping both organizations and enterprise architects meet these challenges.
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SOA Synergy and Obstacles
Paul Lipton At the EAS 2007 event, Paul Lipton questioned whether architects really understand resource use at run time, an essential consideration in SOA.
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Drive EA With Strategic IT Planning
Steve Davis EAS 2007 keynote Steve Davis demonstrated how you can use the Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) to systematically identify declining technologies and create mandatory investment initiatives for the business.
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The Role of Policy in SOA
Toufic Boubez In his EAS 2007 session, Toufic Boubez introduced policy as an SOA concept, described its role in real-world SOA and introduced the W3C WS-Policy Framework specification.
 Watch the video!

Architecting the Enterprise for Performance
James Farley EAS 2007 presenters James Farley and Bryan Cole demonstrated a process for monitoring application and infrastructure performance during the development life cycle.
 Watch the video! [Read More]


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