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Drive EA With Strategic IT Planning
Use the Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) to minimize risks posed by legacy apps and systems.

Enterprise Architect Summit, May 21, 2007

Steve Davis
Chief Architect and Vice President
IT Walt Disney Studios

Watch the video of the session! (Running time: 52 minutes)

Applications and systems built with declining technologies impose considerable risks to IT organizations. Mitigate these risks by systematically identifying declining technologies and the applications or systems that rely on them. This session outlines a strategic-planning process for identifying these technologies and creating mandatory investment initiatives over a five-year period of time.

The Enterprise Architecture Framework (EAF) lets you break down the various technological products, methods and standards into a hierarchical classification. Within each lower-level classification, you can categorize associated choices into five designations: emerging, under evaluation, core, declining and specialized. By implementing the EAF over five years, you ensure that IT and business units can address declining technologies as planned investments. Resources and funding can be allocated to reduce overall risk and address technological refresh in synergy with investments driven by other value propositions, such as market-share penetration, revenue growth and efficiency.

About the Speaker
Steven P. Davis is chief architect and vice president of IT for the Walt Disney Studios and currently serves as chairperson of Disney’s Enterprise Architecture Board. He also serves on The Walt Disney Company IT Leadership Board and Security Governance bodies. Davis is a highly regarded systems architect and technology strategist with more than 25 years of experience in both commercial software and in-house application development.


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