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The Fine Art of Web Design
Bridge the gap between Web design and Web development, and learn how you can find inspiration in unusual places. Web Design World speaker Molly E. Holzschlag takes you beyond the code. [Listen to the audio and watch the slides!]

 Featured Articles

Build More Scalable Web Sites
Stop generating the dreaded "Site Too Busy" error. Implement asynchronous processing with ASP.NET 2.0, and your page's thread will be returned to the thread pool so another page can use it while your own code waits for results. [Read More]

Roll Your Own Control Designers
It's not enough to build a great custom Web control to help your end users—you must also help other developers use your control. Learn how you can support both audiences and make them more productive. [Read More]

Generate Data-Based Web Sites With Blinq
Blinq 1.0 is a prototype of an extension to DLinq (now called LINQ to SQL) that auto-generates a complete data-entry and editing ASP.NET 2.0 Web site. See how to create a 25-page Web site from the Northwind sample database in less than a minute. [Read More]

New Technology Offers UI Improvements
New UI technologies such as Ajax and WPF are blurring the distinction between browser-based and smart-client interfaces. The good news: You'll have options to make apps more responsive and user-friendly. [Read More]

Implement a File Transfer Web Service
Create a Web service that performs a binary file transfer using Web Service Enhancements (WSE). The WSE standard provides a robust infrastructure for securing Web services. [Read More]

 Product Focus

Simplify Internet Development
Take advantage of /n software's IP*Works to simplify a variety of Internet-related tasks, from working with SOAP to handling tasks related to HTTP, DNS, and FTP. [Read More]


An Expression of Frustration
Peter Varhol Microsoft announced that its Expression development tools for Windows Presentation Foundation won't be available this year. Peter Varhol discusses how this delay might impact Microsoft and the Web developers who use these tools. [Read More]
 Video Connection

XML: From Syndication to Web Services
Joe Marini Implement XML in your everyday Web dev. Joe Marini shows you how XML works, why it's helpful, and what you need to know before using it to build Web services.
 Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Accessibility in a Web 2.0 World
Shawn Lawton Henry As the Web continues to develop, you're challenged by more complex accessibility issues. Shawn Lawton Henry shares the W3C's latest accessibility guidelines for authoring dynamic Web content so you can address these challenges.
 Listen to the audio and download the slides!

Create Rich User Experiences for the Web
Brad Abrams Get the inside scoop on Microsoft's future plans for the Web, and gain a better understanding of three technologies that can help you build rich user experiences: Atlas, Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere, and Expression Web Designer.
 Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Couple Ruby With .NET for Better Business Apps
John Lam When you couple the .NET platform with a dynamically typed language such as Ruby, you have a powerful tool for creating business applications. Let VSLive! Toronto speaker John Lam show you the future of programming languages.
 Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Webcontrol Dev Enhancements in ASP.NET 2.0
Miguel Castro ASP.NET 2.0 enhancements increase productivity for creating Web applications and improve the infrastructure for developing custom server controls. Learn how you can take advantage of these new features.
 Listen to the audio and watch the slides!


Innovative Information Delivery
Zimbra is building a reputation on "pushing Ajax to the limit," giving browser-based apps the same rich editing experience as in desktop applications. Ross Dargahi, cofounder and VP of engineering, discusses what else the company is innovating. [Read More]

Mainsoft's Interop for IBM WebSphere Portal
Mainsoft's new Visual MainWin for J2EE, Portal Edition, helps you achieve a mixed portal environment that provides access to ASP.NET and Java applications. Read the highlights of Terrence O'Donnell's discussion with Mainsoft CEO Yaacov Cohen. [Read More]


What Is Ajax?
With Ajax, your code sits on a server that you control, and users can access Web apps that provide full, rich experiences. This chapter from Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks provides an intro to Ajax technology. [Read More]

Ruby Techniques for Rails Developers
This first section of "Chapter 3: Ruby-Informed Rails Development" from David Black's Ruby for Rails explores Rails code as Ruby code. [Read More]

Getting Around JSF
Get an overview of JavaServer Faces in this chapter from JavaServer Faces in Action. You'll learn about application configuration and how to use JSF with JSTL and other JSP custom tags. [Read More]

Using the Validation Controls in ASP.NET 2.0
This chapter from ASP.NET 2.0 Unleashed shows you how to validate form fields when a form is submitted to your Web server. [Read More]

Using Rich Internet Technologies
This chapter from Pro JSF and Ajax introduces three Rich Internet Technologies (RITs): Ajax, Mozilla XUL, and Microsoft HTC. [Read More]


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