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XML for Designers: From Syndication to Web Services
Take advantage of current and developing strategies that are sure to make dynamic Web content and apps more accessible to your users.

Web Design World Seattle, July 2006

Listen to the audio and watch the slides! (Running time: 1 hour, 4 minutes)

Joe Marini,
Group Product Manager for VSIP,

XML has become a common technology used in everyday Web development. Learn how XML works, why it's helpful, and what you need to know before implementing it in your projects. You'll see how XML can be used to separate content from layout, drive dynamic interfaces, display content in different ways, and more. With XML, you can build your Web services more easily.

About the Speaker
Joe Marini has been active in the Web and graphics industry for more than 15 years. He was an original member of the Dreamweaver engineering team at Macromedia, and he has held prominent roles in creating products such as QuarkXPress, mFactory's mTropolis, and Extensis QX-Tools. He is a regularly featured speaker at industry conferences and has authored or coauthored several books on Web development. His book The Document Object Model is widely regarded as a resource for working with the DOM.


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