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August 2007, Vol. 17, No. 8

Load Up With VB's Operators
by Bill McCarthy
Take an in-depth look at operators in Visual Basic; examine the rules and guidelines for operator overloading; and learn about ternary operators and operator lifting.

Integrate Windows Apps With Oracle
by Juan Carlos Olamendy Turruellas
Publish a PL/SQL procedure in Oracle as a Web service and consume it from a Web service client in WCF.

Search & Destroy Bugs
by Rod Stephens
Learn how to write programs that not only protect themselves from bugs, but that also seek them out and destroy them.

Write Code for a Multithreaded World
by Bill Wagner
Multithreaded programming is difficult because context switches can happen any time. Here are a few techniques to mitigate the chance of failure.

Q & A
Utilize Constraints in Custom Generic Classes
by Kathleen Dollard
Learn how constraints work when creating custom generic classes; display the VB splash screen for an extended period of time; and preserve Handles clauses when you cut-and-paste them.

Editor's Note
by Patrick Meader

Letters to the Editor

What's Hot

First Looks
Compuware's TestPartner 6.0

Product Listings

Guest Opinion
by Rockford Lhotka


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