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August 1, 2007

ImageGear for .NET
AccuSoft Corporation is shipping a new release of ImageGear for .NET, a fully-managed .NET imaging SDK for development in Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2005, and .NET Framework 3.0. In addition to providing support for .NET Framework 3.0, the new release also features support for Direct 3D 10, as well as comprehensive image, file, and digital camera raw format support. This new release provides support for embedded ICC color profiles and enhanced ImageClean functionality to automatically detect/correct images. New methods for image processing, e.g. red eye removal, mosaic, solarize, and more, have also been added. These new enhancements combine with standard features including support for CAD/Vector, Adobe PDF/PS, JPEG 2000, DICOM, and numerous other file formats. Digital camera raw format support is provided for over 100 of the most widely used digital cameras. Developers can add annotation, recognition, scanning, and printing capabilities to applications with ImageGear for .NET. The product also provides .NET Compact Framework support, allowing developers to build solutions for PDAs and other mobile devices. Pricing starts at U.S. $1,995 for new customers. A free evaluation trial is available for download at: www.accusoft.com.
Web: www.accusoft.com
Phone: 800-525-3577 or 508-351-9092


NetAdvantage 2007 Volume 2
Infragistics has just released NetAdvantage for .NET 2007 Volume 2. Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET is a presentation layer toolset for quickly building and styling commercial class application UIs for Windows Forms and ASP.NET. New features in NetAdvantage for .NET include a Linear and Radial Gauge control; search engine optimization; PDF/XPS document exporting; and desktop alert and enhanced Excel exporting. This release also introduces the gauge control which will allow developers to incorporate radial, linear, or digital dial controls that can be used to create business information dashboards or near-real-time monitoring information. In both NetAdvantage for ASP.NET and NetAdvantage for Windows Forms, the gauge control supports Radial (Dial) and Linear style gauges and supports Digital LED-style character displays. It also includes a flexible Object Model that allows multiple gauges and displays to be composited together into a single display, and includes a rich styling API that allows for the creation of highly-styled, real-world controls. The search engine has been optimized so that when appropriate, the controls will alter normal output to include HTML markup that enables the Search Engine Crawler to see the company's entire website, helping increase search engine rankings and website visibility. The Infragistics Document Exporting Engine is a new addition to NetAdvantage for Windows Forms that enables developers to create both standard PDF and XPS documents. The Windows Forms toolset includes enhanced functionality support for importing images, reading of Excel files, and improving the depth of the control developers have when exporting in an Excel format. Single platform pricing (e.g. NetAdvantage for ASP.NET) starts at $795.00 USD.
Infragistics, Inc.
Web: www.infragistics.com
Phone: 609-448-2000

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