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Inprise Chief Talks about Borland's Future


Dale Fuller
Dale Fuller is interim CEO and President of Inprise Corporation. There's still a sense of transition at Inprise, where the name has changed from Borland International, to Inprise, and the resurrection of the Borland name under the guise of the Borland.com Web site. The Borland name is now back in more prominent use, from the flags in front of the corporate campus to the Borland/Inprise logo on their Web site.

Before coming to Inprise, Fuller was President of WhoWhere, an Internet directory service acquired by Lycos, and was a Vice President of Apple Computer, where he was in charge of their PowerBook division. Dale spoke with Matt Carter last week at their headquarters in Scotts Valley, California.

Matt Carter: It's been quite a crazy year for Inprise...

Dale Fuller: I've only been here for four months...

MC: ...going from Borland International, to Inprise, to Borland.com, and now everything seems to have come around full circle to focusing on your roots in the developer community.

DF: We had lost our way in the past few years and lost sight of our roots: providing the necessary solution sets for people to get their jobs done fast. Our focus is on the developer community. Whether you are a Fortune One or Two company with a gigantic IT department, to your very small independent consultant who is doing something for an small insurance agency, we build that scale of products from the low end to the very high end. We provide that kind of scalability to developers, you can get started with one product and our products can scale as you scale.

And in the space of the Internet, if you can't scale, it's the kiss of death. I would say that most applications in the world today cannot scale.

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