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Primary Reasons to Upgrade to Windows Vista
  Get the lowdown on the daunting amount of Windows Vista information presented at PDC 2005. Find out what's changing between Longhorn and Vista, what aspects of Vista are being ported to "down-level" Windows releases, and more. [Read More]

Advances in Collaboration, Content Management
Microsoft is poised to make major strides in its collaboration portfolio with SharePoint V3, Office 12, and other offerings. Here's a review and analysis of the collaboration-related updates from PDC 2005.
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MS Announces Windows Workflow Foundation
Eric Rudder, Microsoft's senior VP of servers and tools, led a keynote at PDC on Wednesday that featured announcements of Windows Workflow Foundation, the Expression family of design tools, and Visual Studio Tools for Applications.
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New Technologies Debut at PDC
The keynote team led by Bill Gates at PDC on Tuesday made announcements about simpler data access through the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Project, the Atlas project for ASP.NET Web development, and more.
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Microsoft Unveils Expression Tools
Microsoft finally unveiled its family of Expression tools Wednesday at its PDC conference, says Jeff Hadfield. The Expression products' promise is to more tightly integrate designers and developers into the Web design workflow.
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Gates Calls for More Software Innovation
In his keynote at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates called on developers to embrace new capabilities in Windows Vista and Office 12, says Jeff Hadfield.
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Data Access
Cure Data Type 'Impedance Mismatch' With LINQ
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) for .NET and its System.Query, System.Data.DLink, and System.Xml.XLink classes enable relational-to-object and XML-to-object mapping with first-class CLR data types.
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When To Use SQLCLR, And When Not To
Meaningful guidance for substituting real-world C# or VB code for production T-SQL batches isn't easy to find. Use these guidelines when deciding if SQLCLR objects are right for your data-intensive .NET 2.0 project.
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Microsoft Announces LINQ Project
Microsoft announced the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) Project, which makes it simpler for C# and VB developers to access data.
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Windows Communication Foundation
Book Chapter: Programming Indigo
Download a chapter from Programming Indigo to get an overview of service orientation as well as the primary features of Indigo, now called Windows Communication Foundation.
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What's Next for ASP.NET?
With ASP.NET 2.0 almost in developers' hands, it's time to think about what's next down the line. For example, two changes in Vista will change the ASP.NET world directly.
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Visual Studio
Looking Ahead to Orcas and Beyond
Visual Studio's future is one of the key topics being covered at PDC 2005 this week. Expect to see improvements in C#, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, Indigo support, and data handling. Plus, get hints about Hawaii.
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Build Better Apps With VSTS
The tools in Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) work together to help you and your organization produce better code in a shorter period of time. Get the scoop on each aspect of this integrated tool suite.
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Build Office Solutions With VS 2005 and VSTO
Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) will be a hot topic at PDC this week. Download a chapter from Visual Studio Tools for Office: Using C# with Excel, Word, Outlook, and InfoPath for an introduction to building Office solutions.
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VSTA Fills an Important Niche for MS
Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) is a clear boon to those who want to customize and extend their apps with a .NET-based scripting tool, says Patrick Meader.
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More Info on ASP.NET Atlas
PDC blogger Brian Goldfarb points you to the Web site and forums for Atlas, the new Web client framework announced this week. You can download the bits, read the quickstarts, and get documentation.
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Get Your Bearings on WPF
Jonathan Maslan directs you to a comprehensive overview of Windows Presentation Foundation. Plus, you can download the WinFX Runtime Components September CTP (September PDC 2005 Build).
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Microsoft Shows New Fall Colors
Shows like the PDC are the developer equivalent of a fashion runway exhibition. Both are ultimately selling wish fulfillment, says Patrick Meader.
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Preview: The Future of Visual Basic
The first preview of the next version of Visual Basic went live Tuesday, reports Amanda Silver in the The Visual Basic Team's blog.
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C# 3.0 at PDC 2005
There have been some wildly speculative and inaccurate blog posts out there about what's in C# 3.0, says PDC blogger Dinesh Kulkarni, a program manager on the C# compiler team.
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Vista Preliminary UI Designs Posted
If you want to get insight into Microsoft's plans for the Vista UI experience, check out blogger Daren May's pointer to a download containing the preliminary guidelines.
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