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Architecture on the Edge: Moving Beyond SOA
Move beyond SOAs and discover new architecture that addresses the rapidly changing software landscape.

VSLive! San Francisco, February 1, 2006

Watch the video of the keynote! (Running time: 38 minutes)

John deVadoss
Director of Architecture Strategy,

The software landscape is rapidly changing, and the need for a new architecture to accommodate these changes is swiftly emerging. The appearance of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) paradigm has provided the opportunity to develop powerful applications that operate on the edge. The business and social models that drive software and commerce are changing as well. This means that software architects have to take a step back and think about what lies over the horizon. To move beyond SOA, you must find a way to connect the edge of software development to the existing services infrastructure. Microsoft's John deVadoss reveals new architecture that addresses these issues.

About the Speaker
John deVadoss is director of architecture strategy at Microsoft. He has spent most of his 15 years in the software industry at Microsoft working entirely in the enterprise space and has served as a consultant, program manager, architect, and most recently, leading solutions architecture evangelist. His biggest interest is creating business value from technology investments.


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