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Microsoft Exchange Utilities & Migration Tools

September 23, 2004

Third-party vendors are rapidly releasing new tools and new versions of existing tools that are compatible with Windows Server System. We offer a listing of products and descriptions. Windows Server System Magazine's intent is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information possible, but the manufacturers are responsible ultimately for the accuracy of data and product claims. We encourage you to contact them for further information. Please send any additions or corrections to: Listings Editor, Windows Server System Magazine, 2600 South El Camino Real, Suite 300, San Mateo, CA 94403-2332 or e-mail them to wssedit@fawcette.com.


Microsoft hoped customers would find the latest version of Exchange to be secure, dependable, and easy to deploy and manage. Exchange comes with prescriptive guidance, setup wizards, and verification tools, which Microsoft designed to make migrating to Exchange 2003 easier than in earlier versions. Still, there is room to make maintaining and migrating to Exchange easier. To that end, here is a list of the most popular third-party server supplemental tools in Exchange maintenance and migration as identified by readers in Windows Server System Magazine's Reader's Choice survey.

Abridean Provisor for AD and Exchange
Abridean Provisor delivers secure, role-based user provisioning for automated account setup and management for Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. It replaces the manual processes required to manage Exchange users. Provisor's transactional provisioning system is XML-based, allowing the administrative transaction to be stored, audited, reported upon, and repeated in the case of system recovery.

bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange
bv-Control for Microsoft Exchange combines on-demand reporting with realtime performance monitoring and management tools. bv-Control automates distribution list management, disk space management, and content management. It facilitates moving mailboxes across sites, servers, and containers; increases availability through realtime monitoring and alerting capabilities; improves Exchange migration by helping with pre- and postmigration cleanup and performing server consolidation; controls nonbusiness material in the Exchange environment; and manages, secures, and contains an organization's intellectual property.

Email Control!
Email Control! is a suite of enterprise application management tools that analyze traffic patterns, optimize traffic flow, analyze infrastructure resource consumption, define and monitor service levels, detect possible security issues, and resolve problems before they affect a server.
DYS Analytics

EmailXtender is a policy-based system that automatically collects, organizes, retains, and retrieves e-mail messages/attachments. It copies every e-mail and attachment into an Enterprise Message Center; generates a full-text index of all messages/attachments; enables administrators, supervisors, and users to conduct intelligent search/retrieval; and reduces e-mail server stress and bottlenecks by seamlessly extending e-mail message stores into low-cost and high-capacity storage devices. EmailXtender supports Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Lotus Notes/Domino, Sendmail, and Bloomberg Mail.
Legato Software

Exchange Administrator
Exchange Administrator is a powerful add-on to NetIQ's Directory and Resource Administrator, which provides single-point, policy-based administration for Exchange mailbox management across your enterprise. Exchange Administrator promises to cut software, support, and training costs by providing a unified tool for seamless administration of Exchange 2000/2003; streamlines IT tasks and reduces errors by automating complex and lengthy administrative processes, such as Exchange mailbox creation; maintains data integrity by automating policy enforcement across Exchange 2000/2003; and provides auditing with detailed logs and extensive reporting of all actions.

GOexchange enables companies to reduce administrative costs, minimize network downtime, and optimize resources by automatically notifying users before scheduled maintenance. It backs up Exchange with built-in integration for existing enterprise backup solutions from CA, CommVault, Veritas, UltraBac, and other leading backup solutions. GOexchange increases performance and stability by fixing index pointers and checking for and correcting errors, warnings, and minor inconsistencies. It saves disk space by defragmenting the average message store 30%-55% and optimizes a message store by permanently removing deleted items and corrupted objects. It also generates detailed and summarized maintenance reports.
Lucid8 Information Services

Mail Attender for Exchange
Mail Attender for Exchange is an administrative support tool designed to manage Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and public folder contents from a central location. The MMC client application is used to create, edit, and distribute rules while the processing engines apply the rules to the Exchange mailboxes. This gives an organization the option of running Mail Attender as an NT service on any Windows server or as a stand-alone application. Mail Attender for Exchange can automate administration tasks, enforce retention policies, eliminate nonbusiness files, retrieve confidential information, reclaim storage space, archive attachments, and purge viruses.
Sherpa Software

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