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July 2007, Vol. 17, No. 7

Accelerate Apps with Velocity Reporting
by Joel Champagne
The length of durations in supply-chain applications reflects how well a business is serving its role. Learn to set up and change durations in a supply-chain reporting application that’s both metadata- and template-driven.

Layer Data Access with LINQ to SQL
by Roger Jennings
Orcas’ LINQ to SQL and its Object / Relational Designer enable ADO.NET developers to combine O/R mapping, object persistence, and LINQ queries in an autogenerated data access layer for SQL Server.

Reduce Lines of Code With C# 3.0
by Bill Wagner
You already know what those new features in C# 3.0 are doing because you do these same things in C# 2.0. Learn how C# 3.0 can reduce coding lines and improve readability by walking through a reverse migration.

Q & A
Implement Expandable Menus
by Kathleen Dollard
Learn how to create expandable menus such as you find in Office; handle mouse up/down events properly; and create a custom toolstrip button.

Editor's Note
by Patrick Meader

Letters to the Editor

What's Hot

First Looks
Infragistics’ NetAdvantage for ASP.NET 2007 Volume 1
SlickEdit’s SlickEdit 2007, version 12.0

Product Listings

Guest Opinion
by Rockford Lhotka


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