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A Veteran's Take on .NET
by Lee Thé

In this exclusive interview with Visual Studio Magazine, Gustavo Eydelsteyn, veteran developer and managing director of ComponentOne, reveals his company's decision to adopt Microsoft's subscription model and explores the implications of .NET for working developers.

Gustavo Eydelsteyn

Lee Thé: Your company has decided to adopt Microsoft's subscription model. What's the deal?

Gustavo Eydelsteyn: We studied this for a long time and finally decided to move ahead. On Oct. 1, 2001, we announced a new subscription model: All the products we're selling today (except our help authoring tools) combined into a single $399 package called the ComponentOne Studio. It comes in two versions: ComponentOne Studio [for VB6] and ComponentOne Studio for .NET [$599]. As part of the subscription, we'll send four CDs to customers once a quarter for a year. With MSDN, you get all the languages with their subscription. We're doing the same thing on the component level.

LT: In what way does this help developers?

GE: First of all, they get everything: spell checker, toolbar, grid, chart, report writer. A complete solution at their fingertips. And all new upgrades, versions, and products also get delivered to them. Our concept is to provide great components at an incredible business value. .NET is the environment to build apps. The .NET Framework provides the technologies that allow you to build the framework for your apps. VS.NET is the tool you use to create those apps. And ComponentOne Studio for .NET provides the components you need.

LT: What do you say to developers who prefer to buy best-of-breed components instead of bundles?

GE: If you look at our components, you'll find we're in the top three in each category. Of course, if you need some specific type of functionality we don't provide, you'll go look for the specialized components you need. But also, more components will be added in the future. For us to be successful in this, we need to have top-notch components.

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