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Introducing WinFX: The Managed Code Programming Model for Windows
Understand how WinFX simplifies software development and helps you build new types of applications.

VSLive! Orlando, May 2006

 Watch the video of the keynote! (Running time: 1 hour, 8 minutes)
Richard Turner,
"InfoCard" Product Manager,
WinFX Strategy Team,

WinFX is the new managed code programming model for Windows. It is a superset of the .NET Framework, combining the power of the .NET Framework 2.0 APIs with new technologies for building applications. You can create applications with visually stunning user experiences, and seamless and secure communication. You also have the ability to model a range of business processes.

Get the big picture on WinFX, including an overview of its component technologies: WPF, "InfoCard," WCF, and WF. Learn how WinFX works with Visual Studio 2005. Understand how WinFX simplifies software development and enables you to build new types of applications.

About the Speaker
Richard Turner is the product manager for "InfoCard" in Microsoft's WinFX Strategy group. Richard is also responsible for articulating Microsoft's position on Service Orientation, SOA, ESB, and EDA, and how these concepts map against Microsoft's current and future application platforms. Before moving to the USA in 2003 to join the then Indigo team, Richard worked in Microsoft UK's Solution Development Center where he was solution architect for the foundations underlying the UK Government Gateway. Richard was also a principal consultant in Microsoft UK's Consulting Services, helping customers build effective systems on top of Microsoft's technologies.


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