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Directions in Language Innovation: LINQ
Learn how you can use consistent query syntax in your code to access and work with all types of data.

VSLive! Orlando, May 2006

 Watch the video of the keynote! (Running time: 41 minutes)
Jason McConnell,
Visual Studio Product Marketing Manager,

The Language Integrated Query (LINQ) project facilitates a common scheme for accessing data across different sources, such as XML documents, relational databases, and in-memory data structures. This session provides you with a basic understanding of design goals, and VB and C# language enhancements supporting LINQ. It is a demonstration of the LINQ project's work to date. See how you can use consistent query syntax in your language to access and work with all types of data.

About the Speaker
Jason is a Visual Studio product marketing manager, looking after the marketing, positioning, and customer requirements concerned with Microsoft's programming language portfolio. He joined Microsoft in March 2005, having spent five years with Microsoft Australia where he was a community developer evangelist, ISV developer evangelist, and technology specialist. He graduated from Monash University in 1995 and held positions in the financial industry and the IT services industry before joining Microsoft. He enjoys seeing innovative software solutions change the way people work and live—for the better.


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