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VSLive! Las Vegas 2006

VSLive! Las Vegas, June 2006

Creating a Library of Common ASP.NET 2.0 Functions
Robert Boedigheimer shows you some common ASP.NET 2.0 functions, such as the VerifyTables feature, that can help you establish safe coding practices and simplify your search for the causes of null references.
Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Extending Microsoft p&p ObjectBuilder
Take advantage of the latest addition to Microsoft's patterns & practices toolbox: ObjectBuilder. Daniel Cazzulino demonstrates how you can build powerful dependency-injection and object-composition frameworks on top of this feature.
Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Choosing the Right Client/Server Communication Option
Need to choose the appropriate client/server communication technology for your development processes? Rockford Lhotka discusses the strengths and weaknesses of today's solutions, and why Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) might be a superior option.
Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Inside C# 3.0: Extension Methods, Query Expressions, and Expression Trees
Transform your day-to-day C# development into elegant, high-level expressions with new features in C# 3.0. Richard Hale Shaw illustrates how you can simplify variable initialization syntax, create elegant object initialization, and define anonymous types easily.
Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Improve Development of Data-Centric Apps
Microsoft's Cameron Skinner shows how Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals can help you improve development of data-centric applications, manage changes to your database schema, and more.
Listen to the audio and watch the slides!

Extreme ASP.NET 2.0 Databinding
David Yack explores techniques for customizing and extending your ASP.NET 2.0 databinding controls. Learn how these techniques can increase your team's productivity and consistency.
Listen to the audio and watch the slides!


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