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Tech•Ed 2006

Tech•Ed, June 2006

New MS Forefront Tools to Improve Security
Microsoft announced at its Sunday night Tech•Ed keynote the Forefront product line, an initiative to improve security and control access. It also highlighted a number of security enhancements in the upcoming Windows Vista desktop OS.
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New VSTS Tool Makes Database Dev Easier
The new Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals, scheduled to ship at the end of this year, lets you compare database schemas, compare table data, generate test data for your database, and more.
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Get Ready for WSS v3 and MOSS 2007
Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) version 3 delivers new collaboration and workflow capabilities, while Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 extends WSS v3 with enterprise portal and content management features.
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Architecture Takes Center Stage
Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on architecture at this year's Tech•Ed conference, says Visual Studio Magazine Editor in Chief Patrick Meader. But is it the right emphasis?
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Prepare for WPF Properly
One of Tech•Ed's WinFX sessions shows how to architect your Windows Forms apps to take advantage of Windows Presentation Foundation today. Billy Hollis previews the benefits that WPF promises and offers advice on how to prepare for adoption.
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Taking Stock of SQL Server
SQL Server is one of the most popular topics at this week's Tech•Ed, with more than a hundred breakout sessions, hands-on labs, and Birds of a Feather gatherings. Take a look at how far SQL Server has come since its 1.0 release in 1989.
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Delve Into LINQ and Visual Basic
The VB team is hosting a Tech•Ed session that delves into the details of the LINQ technologies, including DLinq for querying over relational stores and XML integration. Take LINQ on your own test drive with some step-by-step examples and sample VB code.
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Realize New Functionality in .NET 3.0
Just before Tech•Ed, Microsoft announced that WinFX will now be known as the .NET Framework 3.0. Discover the future of .NET development, and the new functionality that will define and shape applications in the long run.
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New Technology Offers UI Improvements
New UI technologies such as Ajax and WPF are blurring the distinction between browser-based and smart-client interfaces. The good news: You'll have options to make apps more responsive and user-friendly.
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SQL Server Everywhere: A New Lightweight Database
You can now download the CTP for SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition, which is being previewed at this week's Tech•Ed. Get an introduction to this lightweight data store, and how you can use it with Visual Studio 2005 to build smart-client applications.
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New Features in SQL Server 2005 SP-1
Several weeks in advance of Tech•Ed, Microsoft posted the RTM version of Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2005 Developer, Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise, and Express editions. Get the lowdown on SP-1's added features.
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Top Visual Studio Products Honored
You picked them, now see who won. Check out the Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Award winners, for excellence in 22 development categories.
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Windows Workflow Foundation and Business Process Modeling
Windows Workflow Foundation is now in beta version 2.2. Peter Varhol came away from Tech•Ed impressed with the power and simplicity of WWF, but he can't help but think that it confuses rather than solidifies the BPM world.
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