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Build a Secure Web Site
by Jonny Anderson
Leveraging ASP.NET and other .NET technologies, you’ll find creating and securing your own Web site can be relatively simple and satisfyingly coherent. A solid understanding of VB6 coupled with a vague notion of how Web pages work is all you need to quickly create a Web site that’s secure from all but the most determined hacker. Get up to speed on identifying your users, ensuring proper encryption, and dealing with user time-outs. [Read more]

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Top 10 ASP.NET Resources
by Jonathan Goodyear
ASP.NET hasn’t even been released yet, but a legion of Web sites offers great information to get you started and helps you solve any issues you may encounter.
[Read more]

Perform Multiple Tasks Using Threads
by Bill Wagner
C# makes it easier to use threads in your programs. Bill Wagner walks you step by step through the C# mechanisms for creating, starting, and managing multiple-thread execution.
[Read more]

Web Services
Invoking Web Services With Visual Basic .NET
by Yasser Shohoud
Get your feet wet with this brief introduction to Web Services—sans the hype—then dive in and invoke a live Web Service.
[Read more]

Visual Studio .NET
10 Tips for Great .NET Programming
by Dino Esposito
With VS.NET getting close to being released, you’ve got to start thinking about creating applications for it now. Dino Esposito has 10 tips to steer your development efforts in the right direction.
[Read more]

Microsoft Unveils .NET Data Futures at PDC 2001
by Roger Jennings
What’s in store for ADO.NET and Yukon, the next version of SQL Server? Here are the data-access highlights from last month’s PDC 2001, including what features will make the .NET RTM and what features won’t.
[Read more]

VSLive! San Francisco
Gates to Keynote VSLive! SF
VSLive! San Francisco attendees will be addressed by Bill Gates on the future of Visual Studio .NET. Don't miss out: click here for more information.
[Read more]

A Veteran’s Take on .NET
by Lee Thé
In this exclusive interview with Visual Studio Magazine, Gustavo Eydelsteyn, veteran developer and managing director of ComponentOne, reveals his company’s decision to adopt Microsoft’s subscription model, and explores the implications of .NET for both intermediate and advanced developers.
[Read more]

by Dino Esposito
It’s hard not to think of ADO.NET as yet another data-access layer, or as "managed ADO"... which isn’t even backward-compatible with ADO. Dino Esposito talked with Omri Gazitt, Microsoft's group program manager on the ADO.NET team, to get an alternate perspective on this technology.
[Read more]

Editor’s Note
Augment Content Delivery
by Patrick Meader
Likely leaders in the Web Services area include those businesses that can deliver critical, highly dynamic data people will pay to have.

C# vs. VB.NET: Choosing Your .NET Tool
by Juval Lowy
The official Microsoft party line is that all .NET languages are equal in performance and ease of use, so choosing a language should be based on aesthetics and personal preference. .NET expert Juval Lowy begs to differ.

Get The Code  
Build Web User Controls
Web user controls are reusable bits of Web page functionality that you build into a special class file. Check out two ASP.NET Web user controls that let you drag and drop login validation onto any of your Web site’s pages.

Create Windows Services
Use BeepService—a simple service that beeps every three seconds—as a springboard to creating, installing, and uninstalling your own Windows Services with VB.NET.

Download all the code for the current issue.

Spice Up Console Apps
by Bill McCarthy and Brian Noyes
Make your VB.NET console apps respond to any key—while giving them a splash of color. Plus, learn how to get XML into a DataGrid and launch a process from within VS.NET.
[Read more]

Database Design
Identify Data Uniquely
by Josef Finsel
Identity columns don’t hold a candle to RowGUIDs when it comes to creating unique identity values. Here’s how to implement RowGUIDs in your database.
[Read more]
Arrays With Non-Zero Lower Bounds
by Bill McCarthy
In VB.NET, you can use the System.Array class to create an array with non-zero lower bounds.
[Read more]

Instantiate an Object Inline
by Jonathan Goodyear
You can instantiate a new instance of an object inline, making your VB.NET code more compact.
[Read more]

VS All-Stars  
Configure Copters in a Jiffy
Helicopter sales take off with a VB6 app called CHOPer.
[Read more]

Serving Up the Savings
A VB6/SQL Server 7 app saves a U.S. restaurant chain $100,000 per year. [Read more]

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