Keynote Presentations

Data Explosion: The Last and Next Decade in Data Management
Corey Thomas, Group Product Manager, SQL Server, Microsoft
Monday, September 11 at 9 a.m.

Data powers business and harnessing that power can make the difference between success and failure. However, today’s data world is getting increasingly complex with an unprecedented explosion in the volume of data and new, divergent data types rapidly emerging. Against the backdrop of these exciting new trends, Corey Thomas, one of Microsoft’s recognized leaders in the database industry, delivers a clear vision for how these changes will create a new business landscape and how to maximize opportunities within that realm.
As a new business imperative, people from all industries need to take full advantage of their rich data assets in order to meet evolving, unanticipated market demands. Today’s data and information are crossing new terrain. Data can be found in dynamic Web documents and applications, on proliferating handheld devices and at home stored in a new breed of media appliances or entertainment systems. Unfortunately, without standard security, management and restore features, these new information environments cannot protect or help manage data in the same manner as traditional database platforms. What does this mean? Ensuring a secure, highly manageable and accessible database platform is the new secret to success whether it is a large enterprise, small business or individual innovator. 

Delivering on this insight depends on understanding immediate customer needs and anticipating future data challenges. With a clear vision and execution plan, Microsoft explains that by providing products and services for ALL data from birth to archival, the data platform will turn current data challenges into future business prospects.

Visual Studio: Amplify your Impact
Ian Knox, Group Product Manager, Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft
Tuesday, September 12 at 9 a.m.

Explore new Visual Studio features, from language enhancements, improved designers, and smart-client development tools to Visual Studio Team System — a suite of software lifecycle management tools that helps teams transform how they develop software. Learn about some of the innovations and upcoming features in Visual Studio “Orcas” to help you be more productive and deliver high quality, secure applications.

Ian Knox, group product manager for Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, is responsible for product management and strategy for Microsoft’s enterprise development tools. Knox has over 15 years of software industry experience, including numerous positions in software development, product management and business development. Prior to Microsoft, he worked as a consultant on global software delivery projects for clients in both the US and Europe.