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Indigo Offers Unified Development
  Eric Rudder (left), Microsoft's Senior Vice President of Servers and Tools, showed off Indigo with the help of Ari Bixhorn, Lead Product Manager of Microsoft's Web Services Strategy, at last month's VSLive! keynote. Indigo is Microsoft's unified programming model for building service-oriented applications. [Watch a Video of the Keynote]

Bixhorn Paints Indigo Picture
Indigo on MSDN

IP Debate Heats Up
Do software patents spur innovation? Or do they simply let big companies stymie smaller shops from obtaining widely used technologies? Find out what this panel of experts has to say.
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Basic Considerations for Mobile PC Apps
Examine the core set of considerations for writing Mobile PC applications—power management, network awareness, display awareness, and activity awareness.
[Watch the Video of the Session]

The Business Case for Good Mobile Apps
Why should you invest precious developer resources in honing your app for Mobile PCs? Microsoft's Michelle McKelvey looks at the rise of mobile computing throughout the industry.
[Watch the Video of the Session]


Oracle Offers Dev Tools for VS.NET
Andy Mendelsohn, Senior VP of Database Server Technologies for Oracle, discussed Oracle's commitment to .NET by showing its new Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NET at last month's VSLive! keynote.
[Watch a Video of the Keynote]

Indigo and Distributed Applications
Peter VarholThe ability to assemble Web services by diagram combined with the dramatic reduction in code needed to implement Web services features resonates well with Peter Varhol. Read his blog post about the VSLive! keynote.
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Visual Basic .NET
Manage ADO.NET Relations & Expressions
VBITS speaker Steven Borg provided details about normalized and denormalized data, and compared data sets with typed data sets in his "Managing Relations and Expressions in ADO.NET" session.
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Visual Studio & .NET Framework Tips
Download code from Deborah Kurata's session, "Best Kept Secrets in Visual Studio and the .NET Framework." She offers tips for building Windows apps, tricks for VB and C# coding, and more.
[Download the Code]

When to Use Throw vs. Throw ex
Writing code that is syntactically correct is just the beginning of writing good VB code. VBITS speaker Jackie Goldstein offers this tip on how to avoid code mishaps.
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Visual Studio 2005
Top 10 Visual C# 2005 IDE Enchancements
Check out the improvements to the Visual C# Integrated Development Environment, including refactoring, Edit and Continue, the Class Designer, enhanced IntelliSense, and more.
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Managing the Software Lifecycle
Microsoft's Ajay Sudan gives you a glimpse of Visual Studio 2005 Team System and shows how VS 2005 combines developer productivity enhancements with a focus on integration.
[Watch the Video]

.NET: Coming of Age in 2005
S. "Soma" Somasegar, Corporate VP of Microsoft's Developer Division, explains why the .NET Platform has succeeded and what developers can look forward to with Visual Studio .NET 2005.
[Watch a Video of the Keynote]

What to Expect From Visual Studio 2005
View the slides from all the presentations at .NET Focus Day, including sessions on ClickOnce deployment, Web application development, managing the software lifecycle, and more.
[View the Slides]

VS Team System Combines Old and New
Visual Studio 2005 remains pretty much Visual Studio, says Peter Varhol in a recent blog post. It's the Team System that adds most of the new features to the development environment.
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Sorting Your OLAP Metadata
With ADO MD.NET, organizing metadata is simple. This tip from speaker Andrew Brust shows you which collections you can use to sort data with ease.
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CLR Programming With C#
C# Live! speaker Sam Gentile provided details about managing types, JIT compilations, and garbage collection in his "Advanced CLR Programming with C#" session.
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Improve Performance With IL
Managed code is a key benefit to .NET development because source code is transformed to IL. Learn how to improve performance and discover why IL is a boon to C# development.
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6 Myths of Aspect-Oriented Programming
Aspect-oriented programming isn't as scary as it sounds. Learn the truth behind the common misconceptions about AOP.
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Simplify Your Efforts With DDD
Find out how you can make your code less complex and error-prone with domain-driven design, and see why bidirectionality often is unnecessary.
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Manage Users Fast With ASP.NET 2.0
ASP.NET 2.0 provides a rich API for manipulating users and roles. This tip from ASP Live! speaker Ken Getz shows you how to add a new user to your system.
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The New ASP.NET 2.0 Code-Behind Model
VSLive! speaker Fritz Onion provides an example of what the final code-behind looks like in ASP.NET 2.0.
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Product News

Exhibitors Strut Their Stuff
In today's rapidly changing marketplace, vendors are tasked with providing relevant products. Here's a sampling of VSLive! exhibitors who are meeting the challenge.
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Visit the VSLive! Photo Gallery
See a slide show of photos from this week's VSLive! conference, including pictures of speakers, Exhibit Hall events, unexpected attendees, and more.
[View the Photos]

Windows Server
A First Look at IIS 7.0
Microsoft's next-generation Web server sports integration with ASP.NET, ADO.NET, the .NET Framework, and Indigo, among many other features.
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Software Architecture

Moving SOA Forward
SOA is not just for architects anymore. Developers also have a big stake in how SOAs are designed and implemented, according to Software Architecture Summit speaker Brent Carlson.
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Defining 'Software Architect'
Steven P. Davis, Vice President of IT for Walt Disney Studios, describes the ever-changing role of software architects—and why that role will continue to evolve.
[Watch the Video of the Keynote]

Bridge the .NET/Java Gap
If you're a .NET company that just got a Java mandate, or if you've got a C++ legacy app that needs to connect to a Java platform, Software Architecture Summit speaker Alex Krapf has some advice for you.
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Dispelling 10 ESB Myths
Misconceptions have arisen about what ESB is and what it's good for. Software Architecture Summit speaker Gordon Van Huizen offers some words of clarity in an effort to set the record straight.
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Top 5 Reuse Best Practices For SOAs
Asset reuse is critical to the success of your service-oriented architecture. Here are five best practices you can use for identifying, tracking, and managing assets within an SOA.
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Happy Birthday, .NET!
VSLive! attendees celebrated .NET's third birthday at the conclusion of Monday's keynote session.

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